Tourism industry is growing rapidly in Nepal

The tourism industry is rapidly growing in Nepal. The 10 best travel offers in the world are listed in 2010. Nepal, the land of mountains, is one of the most spectacular places in the world. It is fourteen and fourteen highest peaks of the world. Because of the presence of the huge mountains in Nepal, trekking and climbing are a favorite destination. It is an adventure tourism destination. This globally recognized goal is adventure travel. Adventurous sports such as hiking, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, rafting, paragliding etc. Nepal provides the opportunity for wildlife tourism and exploration

Developing infrastructure and growing hospitality The sharp development of tourism. Improved mode of transport will allow tourists to travel comfortably to destinations in Nepal. There are many hotels in the city to provide comfortable accommodation for guests. Tourists offer many opportunities to attract tourists.

The paradise for adventure lovers and nature lovers. You can embark on popular tours such as the Everest region, the Annapurna region, the Dolpo region, Kanchenjungha hiking trails, Langtang regions, etc. These tracks are the best places in the world for hiking. Hiking in Nepal is very adventurous and playful with proper preparation and planning. Hikers must pack their bags properly. Winter clothes, knife, water bottles, medicines needed, etc. Must be delivered. It is advisable to plan trekking under the guidance of trekking guides. Guides help you travel on adventurous paths. Nepalese tour is the main selling point for Nepal tourism. The mountain tour also contributes to sightseeing in the growing tourism industry. The hiking opportunities attract many adventure seekers from all over the world.

To promote tourism at a higher rate, a number of travel packages are launched by both government agencies and private tour operators. According to sources, it was confirmed that in Nepal there are more than five missing tourists in 2010. They also confirmed that most tourists come from India, China and Sri Lanka. Such a strong development of tourism is characterized by the development of tourist infrastructure and efficient accommodation and transport management.

If you visit this popular and well-recognized tourist destination, then plan an outing to Nepal. Enjoy hiking and sightseeing in Nepal. Nepalese tour is very adventurous for adventure crazy people. Many rivers came from Mount Nepal. These mountain rivers are ideal for rafting and boating.

Source by Terence Lewis

Cycling or not cycling? Hockey Off-Season Workouts

Some hockey training specialists insist that ice hockey players stay on ice in the summer months. The lawyer returns only in the weeks before the course. Some people believe that cycling is the best way to develop an energy system for ice hockey players. Others like me use a combination of modes that are capable of building hockey players, making the injury faster and safer.

The elite-level players I train 1 to 2 times a week. Some of them go to the local racing gurus and work on skating skills. This is my favorite, I do not really want to write, I want to skate. For professional players, we go twice a week on ice, once for mid-term intervals and once for speed and fast training. Skating is complemented by land-based agility training, track or mountain training, and yes, with some cycling. You might want to ask yourself, "What's the difference? As they fit in, what does it matter if you just ride bikes or not?" Obviously, I'm not saying that hockey players should not bicycle. Ice hockey players ride bikes during the summer, but not always. And I think this is a great tool during the season. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using bicycles with hockey players:

PROs I like cycling because you can easily set the resistance. Relatively safe; No athlete does not bend his ankle on the bike. It provides a level playing field for the various athletes. If you run on the track, some hockey players are great, while some athletes are not so handsome. Finally, the player gets a great workout. When on a bike they periodically say that their feet feel the same tiredness when they are on the ice.

I do not like bikes because the hockey player is in a pinned bent, spinal column, in a position where they have spent a good time on the ice and sitting on the bench. If they are students, they sit on their tables all day long, with a bent curved, spine bent. With these durable postures, hip flexors are shortened between other applications. When a player skates, he needs to stretch his hip to get a full step. If your hip flexor is tight, you will not be able to obtain this range from the hip joint and will probably counteract short, intermittent steps or the extension of the lower back hyper. This will reduce your skating performance and lead to excessive injuries.

One of the arguments against off-season skating is to allow players to get back from skating. This is used to support the use of a bicycle as a training tool. If you look at someone cycling, you notice that their thighs stay parallel as they pedal, the movement is in the sagittal plane. So you can see how this does not hold your tail on a stretch like skating.

When I buy an athlete who needs to grab her hip (kicking her to the adducts or lumbar joints) to shape and shape the sport, she can see how they can adaptively reduce the new According to your needs? They do not re-stretch, so they do not have to be long and shortened. When athletes start daily skating, then adaptive shortened articular muscles are repeatedly stretched and pose a risk. Not a good way to start the training camp.

So, my argument to the bike in the season is that muscle builds imbalances that are already happening to hockey players and eliminates the adaptive extension needed in the adductive (muscular) muscles. Both can reduce skating performance and contribute to the over-exploitation of injuries.

Finally, I'm telling you there are some amazing fitness trainers who specialize in training hockey players, love fixed bikes, use it effectively as part of a general hockey training system and create very powerful players. Obviously, muscle imbalances and mobility problems are treated in other areas of their training. My goal is to encourage you to continue to think about ice hockey's specific needs for athletes and systematically educate these requirements.

Source by Maria Mountain

Bak and Essential Oils

Bak, zodiac sign 10 is about 20 to 20 December. Capricorn symbolized, Capricorn a Earth cardinal element, an ambitious, creative initiator,. Bows are traditional, brain-conscious, cautious, hard-working and reliable. Many seek Bakot for their friends or families because the Baks are the "rocks" to which they rely on during melancholy or stress. Most bucks need the purpose and direction of life. The dominant planet is Saturn's astrological structure, boundaries, time, caution, and wisdom.

It is the habit of the baccans that they require too much, and they need to ultimately exhaust their emotional, spiritual and physical energy. I know some bosses who are guilty, always worried about all forms of security: financial, emotional and physical, not just for themselves but for others. It can be tiring for anyone looking outside and not talking about goat.

Bakers are the ultimate goal-oriented target organizers as they are most happy with the structure. More often, if they reach the goal, they will be soldiers on higher and better ambitions. The power of Saturn helps Bak to preserve discipline and power to attain the goals set for them.

You'll find that Capricorn is very active on hiking, running, cycling … Or at least trying it. With all these movements, you may have a tendency to complain about joints and muscles, which can easily be remedied with essential oil mixtures.

The Bak ego is able to get stranger to others, as they think the best way, no matter what way! What you do not know is that they are often tough as perfecting ones who are never satisfied; The Cap must remember that they have an idiotic side that needs to be released once.

The essential aroma of Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) essential oil is sweet, heavy, deep and earthy. This oil is often used as a scent on fragrances. Vetiver is not only connected to the Bak and Saturn planes, but also to the root chakra, which is a good choice for Vetiver for those who are too ventilated and need ground. Usually called Tranquillus Oil, this essential oil is excellent for Capricorn who is physically, mentally and emotionally burnt out. This glutinous aromatic oil can mix deep spiritual secrets, soften these emotional disturbances, awaken the Bak to realize that they are not alone in the world. Vetiver oil has a person like Capricorn, so strong, full of wisdom, healthy self-esteem and integrity. Another great goal of Vetiver is to relieve muscle and joint discomfort, which is also beneficial for the active goat! Just mix 1 drop of Vetiver and 1 drop of pine shaving with a tablespoon of massage oil or body lotion and massage it to the muscle.

The high vibrational energy of Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus Lemon) increases the acidic mood in sunlight, Soaked with joy. Light, clean, fresh aroma is vibrant and arousing happiness arouse to the psyche. This scent of rising lemon gives clarity, awareness and direction to those who inhale the aroma. A wonderful aroma morning treatment to help you adjust the sound for the next day, just spill a few drops on the shower floor so steam boosts the aroma in the shower. Those exhausted Baks who are emotionally tense and lighten up, the aromatic happiness of lemon can ease the mood.

During the Capricorn saturated months, pine oil (Pinus sylvestris) is an excellent choice. Its clear, woody, leafy aroma, which resonates in December and January. Only a visible, noticeable, straight, structured tribe facing a pine tree, recalls the logical and practical Bakra. The aroma and personality of the pine offer encouragement, confidence, positive, patience and strength, helping target-oriented Bak with their task list.

Pine oil is also known to have a stimulating effect on blood circulation, helps fatigue and the Great Dislike. The essential oil is made from the distillation of Scotch pine needles, cones and branches. For cold sores, it is best to spread a few drops of diffuser in the diffuser, choosing a bit long.

This essential oil animates, awakens the soul, strength, confidence and direction within us. The pine fits well with the essential oil of lemon, which creates a pure and fresh refreshing, lifting aroma.

Fun fact: Elvis Presley is a Capricorn

Source by Cris Avery Cole

Nude hiking in the National Park – Get to know it!

Nude hiking in a national park – Coronado National Forest

National parks have secluded areas where nude hiking is absolutely possible – they often occur. Of course, we must be cautious not to harm visitors who do not value nudity or who can even call 9-1-1. But if you choose areas where naked hiking typically occurs, hikers are likely to be as naked as you are.

If you belong to many people who like to retrieve nature from a remote (a private entertaining area) where you can take out your clothes and take a look outdoors, there are many hidden places in America where you can do this.

Contrary to Europe, American The puritanic instincts make it harder for outdoor nudity in the United States, but one of my favorite spots for naked hiking at the Tanque Verde Falls. It has been a popular naturist site for many years. Tanque Verde is located to the east of Coronado National Forest Arizona, Tucson. After leaving the sidewalk, he gets to the park on a dusty road and into an area where naturists lose everything. Although I do not recommend this, some visitors dance from the parking lot to popular places.

Warning: Tanque Verde Falls are located in a narrow canyon. At the northern end of the canyon, the rocky terrain collapses and becomes a huge funnel that suddenly precipitates the canyon. After heavy rain (which rarely occurs at Tanque Verde), the water level can rise rapidly and few people have the power to swim in the streams. Many hikers have been reported to be wiped at unexpected wavelengths. So a quick exit route was planned before it became drowsy in the sun.

By climbing the canyon you will find the first naturist area where the falls are located. During dry periods the rocks are about 30 feet high. They become a place for waterfalls when the water rises when mountain snow melts or the rain overflows. Otherwise, it is typically sandy or large, flat rocks can be sunbathed. This area is the easiest to reach and is visited by straight individuals and couples. Gays and lesbians usually go about half a mile up the canyon after they have beaten the roads well over the Tanque Verde waterfall. Reducing the main road is not a difficult but steep descent, and even greater strain on the canyon after hikers are tired of the hot sunshine.

With the clothes – the maintenance of hiking boots. (I suggest you take an old canvas shoe because it might have to pound some feet of water.)

This area is like the Garden of Eden, in the middle of the desert. Just make sure to pack the water and maybe some beer or wine. And do not forget about a sandwich or snacks. There are no services nearby.

Enjoy yourself. But beware of the dangers of nature. I looked at a rattling grid and almost spoke to a hissing gila-monster. You can observe the white frogs, the beautiful song birds and the birds of prey, and of course many saguaro cacti between other desert plants and flowers.

Source by David Currier

How to Make a Turkish Head Knot with Paracord

The Turkish head knot is a triangular cord that is working continuously. This is usually used as an ornamental knot used to decorate a hiking surface or a slide for a tie. This tutorial shows you how to create a turkish knot easily and quickly.

Need a piece of paracord, a pin A wooden pen, pen or element you want to decorate, a wood burning tool and a scissors . To determine the amount of paracord required, tie the string around the four items you want to decorate.

Creating the Turkish Head Knot

STEP 1 – Find the center of the paracord with the mandrel

STEP 2 – Take the round

STEP 3 – Screw the right end to stay under the left end

STEP 4 – Continue the right side thread and cross the first wrap

STEP 5 – Place the thread under the left side thread

STEP 6 – Use a left-handed ribbon over the second package and pull under the first packing.

STEP 7 – Turn the mandrel to look at the back of the knot.

STEP 8 – Top Cover Over Bottom Housing

STEP 9 – Remove the lower thread and thread over the bottom cover and under the top cover

10 STEP – Remove the upper thread and put it under the top pack and lower the bottom cover. Now carefully tighten the knot so that it is even.

STEP 11 – Slide the knot off the needle and cut off the excess paracord. Do not slide the decorative knot on the staff.

STEP 12 – Melt the ends of the paracord with the wood burning tool

Source by Karen Friesecke

Traveling in the Philippines – Discovering Sagada on a Shoe Belt Budget

Urban dwellers tend to prefer the metropolis area and look for any side streets looking for an ideal getaway more than traveling to distant provinces. However, there are over 7000 reasons to discover the parameters of the island, taking into account its rich land and sea resources and numerous sanctuaries.

The region is part of Sagada. At a poisonous P2.500, a specific explorer can fulfill a fulfilling guaranty for Sagada, a tranquil mountain community in the Mt. Adventurous travelers usually take a 10-hour bus ride from Manila to Banaue via Ifugaoba (Solano via Nueva Ecija), which is no more than the P300.

Travelers in Banaue have the chance to have a day And go on the well-designed Banaur Rcie terraces or come to Bontoc and from there a bus ride to a more relaxed region, Sagada the Mt. Province

Sagada budget accommodation and hotels spend the night. Lower than the P200, a traveler can take advantage of the bedroom with two, well-ventilated shared bathrooms with enough water for a night's stay. Despite the fact that electricity and water are available in these mountainous areas, one of the guidelines in remote areas can not count on urban comfort.

However, the lack of adequate needs does not prevent the devoted backpacker. Indeed, the spectacular view of the mountains, abundant natural resources and exposure to the mountain community are enough reasons to enjoy the trip.

Hiking along the narrow mountain paths of Batad and Bangaan in Badaue There are plenty of recreational opportunities to enjoy the panoramic views of the terraces. To track the trail, many villagers can be hired as guides for hours.

The road is really breathtaking, and an amateur hiker, long walking watches should not stop them from reaching the other side of the trail. There are numerous water reservoirs on the winding mountain peaks that guarantee that they will overwhelm their thirst during the tour. Meanwhile, the revered end point is the antidote to muscle pain

Batad is comparable to realizing the gold pot in the other end of the rainbow. Boasting a picturesque and untouched layer of rice fields form a huge amphitheater where native Ifugaos mostly resides. Terraces are still a functional source of livelihoods and personal livelihoods for Ifugaos except for some where irrigation systems have been destroyed by leakage, landslide, prolonged drought, erosion and other inevitable natural disasters

Source by John Grant

How to Build Your Own Cave House

Wait a minute. Would you tell me how to attract bats to the yard? Things that bend your hair and your blood?

Well, the bats do not fly to anyone's hair and if you do not have Holstein

In South America, they will not suck their blood. And a bastard bat

night kills thousands of mosquitoes.

For decades, Europeans have been insecticide with backyard pots,

small wooden houses that resemble the birdhouses where the bats hang. Once the

Bat colonies can help kill a local mosquito population.

Pesticides are not just a bats' colony but an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides

complement today's biocert. Droppings, which fall out of a bat house

provides excellent fertilizer in high nitrogen. Unlike electronic bug zappers, bats

Do not scare birds out of the yard and bats need homes. Natural caves such as caves and hollow tree trunks

less and less. The average suburban tree does not provide much space

next to the curious by-passing bat. The staff of the guard parks spoil the rotten trees

and clear, hollow and fallen trees for public safety.

Where is an asylum battalion located? "Many bats like old buildings

because they offer nooks and crannies to roosting, "says Paul Gorenzel

University of California-Davis, "but the new construction is stricter and does not provide

good homes. "There are colonies with thousands of free-tailed bat

live in buildings or under bridges

Homeland Batman Houses are a popular alternative shepherd. But Bat

Austin, Texas International Conservation Report, has several requests for bats houses

like crazy calls from cruel bats. (Little ticks take rabies, and if so, quickly

dies when he's sick. Even when rabid these shy animals are seldom aggressive.)

Homeowners extending invitation to bats will be the most successful if the bat

house is located near a constant water source. Bat houses can be equipped,

Ideally located at 20 meters high on trees or poles but housed houses

higher temperature stability. The entrance must be free of obstacles

bats can easily reach their new home.

The new bat station must be patient to its guests. It is one year and 18 months

is a typical waiting time for a bat colony. Most species are migratory,

are looking for suitable caves to hibernate through the winter. Hanging a bat house a

autumn or winter next spring to encourage interrogation to resettle bats


The little brown bat is the most likely bat to occupy the bat box. This

voracious insect will nourish aquatic insects, sometimes catch as much as

600 mosquitoes for an hour in their wings as they are through the night sky. The little

A brown bat often shares his close relative, the big brown bat. The big

brown bat is a very hard and active year to stay. It favors the bugs

Evening Dinner

For more information on bats and bat soldiers, see Bat Conservation

International at . For small donations a

brochure on the basics of the rackets and the series of house building plans

copyright 2006

Source by Doug Gelbert

The 10 best places for skiing and snowing around Neuschwanstein Castle – Schwangau – Bavaria

What about skiing or snowboarding to view the most popular European castles: Neuschwanstein Castle? Stay in one of the boutique and luxurious self catering apartments or rustic hotels and enjoy the views of the royal castles that look stunning, especially around the clock.

As a special bonus, the Royal Thermal Spa offers a warm, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna and massages for a fun day in the mountains.

Here is a list of places around and around Schwangau. ]

1. Tegelberg Mountains (1720m) and Wintersport Arena / Schwangau Germany

In Schwangau, the Neuschwanstein and the Hohenschwangau royal castles village on the Tegelberg winter sports ground, Lift, at night. You will enjoy the 7.3 km slope here as well as a sledging track. This place is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers, with a ski school and ski / snowboard rentals. Snowshoes guarantee the snow guarantee.

Particularly important is the 2 km long Neuschwanstein cross-country course, which is illuminated at night … and, of course, the "Cinderella Castle" skiing. ]

2. Buchenberg (1140m) Ski Area / Buching Germany

Only a 5-minute drive from Schangau you will find a two-seater lift leading to Buchenberg. 2 additional regular elevators offer variety.

A special highlight is the 2.5 km long toboggan run from the top of the mountain. The hut on the top of the mountain offers stunning views of the lakes and the valley. This area is great for beginners and families as well as for sledgers.

3. Alpspitz (1575m) Ski Arena / Nesselwang Germany

Alpspitz Ski Arena is only 20 minutes' drive from Schwangau. The region boasts the longest 2 km long sunlit track, a lift, a 4-seater, a two-seater, 3 regular elevators, and 2 children. This varied location offers skiers to advanced skiers, beginners and families. There is a ski school, ski / snowboarding / sledding facilities and sledding places, so there are many excellent mountain huts for après-ski.

Snow engineering offers a snow guarantee.

O & # 39; Neill Alpspitzpark, one of the most popular freerider snowboard parks, Floodlight, every 6-9 o'clock. Schwangau is only 15 minutes' drive away, so the cable car, the open 4 (4) Seats and 5 regular elevators Like 4 children's elevators. Steinbach is near the Snowboard Fun Park, the ski school and two illuminated ski slopes.

A 2009/10. In winter, for the first time, a special experience is the 6.5 km long slope of the mountain.

5. Hahnenkamm Ski Area (1900m) / Reutte Austria

From Schwangau to Austria, the Hahnenkamm ski resort with cable TV, double and 5 regular lifts. One of the best ski schools for adults and children. Skis and snowboards can be rent there.

6.-9. Füssener Jöchle (1821m) and Ski Arena Tannheimer Tal / Austria

Tannheimer Tal offers 4 ski resorts in Austria, not more than 30 minutes from Schwangau,. Cable TV with 6 seats and 3 regular lifts. The track is 3.5 km long

Other ski slopes are here: Neunerköpfle / Tannheim, Schattwald and Nesselwängle

10. Jungholz Ski Resort / Jungholz Germany

About 40 minutes from the Neuschwanstein Castle there is a super-medical ski resort with two separate 4-seat child seats and a workout lift. There are 4 regular lifts for adults. Snow machines are snow-saving.

There are even more cross-country skiing and Nordic skiing options, which I will cover in a separate article. And if you are bored with the downhill skiing, what about the tryin snowshoeing that the wind crosses the track in the kite?

Source by Silke Rehman

The Benefits of Multiple Devices

Multiple tools are widely used throughout the world as a means of survival when they do not have the right tools in a particular situation. This saves you in situations like when you do not have a knife to cut a branch from the tree, or there is no tool that would prevent the screw or even remove simple things from your hands. The tools are always useful. It has so many uses and is by far the most widespread invention and the most successful tool of today's generation. Great for outdoor use, such as traveling or camping out of town.

Multipurpose machines are considered as one-stop shopping. It is very light and easy to transport. Multipurpose tool is a versatile and portable hand tool that uniquely combines multiple device features with a single handle or sometimes in a credit card format. They are small enough to carry your purse or pocket. Many models come with a bag that you can wear on your waist. It combines all the tools you need in every position you can meet. It acts as a clip, wire cutter and toothed blades. Diamond-coated file can include needle and regular pliers, screwdrivers, box or bottle opener, saw blades and scissors. All you need is compressed with a handy, single handle. These devices are of different sizes, patterns and packaging depending on the company's preference. Devices built into the device may also vary. Tim Leatherman is the man behind the brilliant creation. The real idea of ​​combining useful tools with a single handle really contributed to making life easier than ever. Multiple devices offer a variety of options for device providers. Today, many competitors have appeared, and all of them are a great hit on the market.

Multipurpose tools have advantages that can not be found in other devices. One of the most important advantages of this tool is that you are aware of carrying more than one device in your pocket. Imagine taking a nose pin, a scissor, a cannula, a screwdriver in your pocket. It's very hard and you can break your pocket. Multipurpose tools are practical and comfortable. This is also very easy to use. The multi-tool in your pocket guarantees that you will not be lost in any position. This can also be a self-defense when out in the dark forest and someone seizes your back. In general, multipurpose tools are a kind of tool suitable for outdoor and indoor activities. You can do a lot of work with a single management tool. It is the power of a multi-tool device, and there is no other versatile device that does a lot of work on this device.

Source by Cassaundra Flores

The Best Hybrid E-Bike: The Yukon Trails The Xplorer Sport Hybrid E-Bike

So he saw electric bikes and decided to look at them. They are cool, sporty and save the dreaded visit to the gas pump. But when we look at it, there are amazing possibilities. With the abundance of e-bikes on the market now, manufacturers specialize in the different types of bikes that enable the rider to have the same choices and comfort as traditional bicycles. The complexity of the new e-bike selection can cause confusion. When a hybrid is the right e-bike solution?

Hybrid e-bike can be the perfect solution to meet all your general needs. Thanks to the intersection between the bicycle and the mountain bike, there are many popular features: a lighter frame of the road bike and a wider structure of the wider wheels of mountain bikes.

Note that hybrid bicycles combine other popular bicycles – mountain bikes, road bikes and bicycles. While some people feel that this leaves them "every trade jack" and "master of none" the basic ingredients leave a large general purpose bicycle that is stable, comfortable, easy to use, and versatile. The bikes are then ideally suited for city traffic, leisure cycling and light trails.

As with all features, each choice determines its capabilities while limiting others. It is wise to clearly define how you will use the e-bike. While the hybrid has many features on the mountain and road bikes, it has a limitation. If you want to ride on extremely rocky terrain, the hybrid would not be the right choice. Tires and frames are strong enough to handle decent slopes and rougher terrain … but the bouncing rocks have been challenging.

Among our readers and interviewees, the Xplorer Sport Hybrid on Yukon Trails was certainly in her classroom

In this category of respondents who responded to our consumer surveys, Xplorer sport XF26 or XM26, indicating that the model is male or female The 2600 Yukon Trail is extremely easy to compare with the closest competitor specifications. The 250W hub engine features a rechargeable 36V 10AH lithium battery that can be easily removed (Depending on the terrain and the weight of the rider) with a single charge The seven-speed Shimano gearbox allows versatile shifting of the multitude of crowds, with a blinking option with LED headlights and rear headlights. A fork suspension And a comfortable seat for downtown terrain and lightweight SUVs.

Readers are further recognized for their ease of assembly, ease of operation and highest performance even at steep slopes. The removable battery allows for easy filling. Yukon's customer service was also mentioned among respondents, supported by genuine and sensitive people.


· Maximum Speed ​​15 mph (Ride Contingent)

· PAS (pedal system)

· Charging range up to 30 miles

· LiFePo4, 36V / 10AH Li-ion Battery

· Electric ignition

· 7-speed Shimano drive chain

· Front and rear Tektro V brakes

· Beds: Alloy Double Wall 26 "

· Front fork: Alu suspension

· 26 "x 1.75 W Kenda tires

· LED head and tail lamp

· Weight Limit: 250 lbs

· Net weight 60 lbs

· 1 year warranty


· Versatile construction of commuting, trekking and light off-roading

· Strong components

· Manufacturer's LED lights installed

· Stylish design

· Strong components

· Pedal Assist System

· Quick release battery for easy charging

· Great price point for similar models


· Can not handle rough terrain and mountain bikes

It may be less difficult than some road bikes

· Some riders objected to the weight

· The engine is not silent

Rating: 4.8: 5

Source by Randy Stuart