How to Move a Mountain and Snowboard Everyday

So, you've decided that you really like snowboarding. Already the local riding center / hill every chance you get, and I want to make it to the next level. You may have just finished school or can be between jobs, whatever the case, you want to snowboard in the winter and off all day. Here's how you do it.

Where to go?

you're going to have one of the most important decisions that right off the bat if you do not already live in the mountains, where moves. This article is the assumption that moving to a ski mountain to snowboard every day, several other options, but this is another topic for another time.

First of all, you're going to have to decide if you will be a trip to another country. If you are in a place like Australia, which happens to be the recipient of many snowboarders travel, you probably are traveling. That does not mean there is no ski resorts in Australia. Here is a list of some of the country's popular snowboarding and what you have to offer.


Arguably the best snowboarders in the world. Canada is generally hot and humid climate makes the winter landscape. The peaks of Western Canada boasts some of the deepest powder in the ground, and there are many great resorts to choose from, all with an annual snowfall of twelve meters!. The mountain communities in Canada used to traveling abroad coming to work and play in their home, so you will find it easy to make friends and meet fellow snowboarders. If you go to where the action can choose to live and work in a resort such as Whistler or the Big White. However, if you prefer things a little quieter, where the port will still want to try a little fresh Whitewater or Kicking Horse. If you want to go riding in Canada, make sure to wrap it because it gets cold at first, but if you have a cold start to crave it means better snow conditions!

United States

the US has many great resorts like Canada can be described as existing same mountains (to go through a few mountain ranges in both countries). As a little further south, the climate is warmer, though, it may have a similar level. There are some big mountains in the western United States to receive an annual snowfall is 12 meter range. Some resorts here to see a lot of action because of the tourists and the local population is high. Jackson Hole is a great place to ride a huge annual snowfall and lots of nightlife. The resort usually sees over half a million skiers per year! Alta ski resort in Wyoming is a high altitude resort, which accommodates a heavy snowfall and one of the oldest resorts in the USA! There are many great resorts to choose from in the United States if that is where you choose to ride.

There are many other countries you can move if you want to snowboard all winter, but will not get into them in this article, just a quick Google search is an area that interests you.

Okay, so we picked would like to live in the center right now let's talk about some other choice you are going to have to do.

how much money will you need?

live in expensive ski areas, resorts so they must charge a premium for everything in order to extract as much money as possible for all families and tourists visit every year. This does not mean that it can not be a smart snowboard bum and live on a budget that allows you to ride more fresh powder than most people dream of. The lifestyle that you choose in the end how much riding you do. Let's look at a few essentials.


This is the whole reason for going. If you want to ride a lot, you will need a season ticket, you have a couple of options. You can buy one from $ 750 – $ 2200, depending on whether you choose the resort and ride until your heart's content. You're other option is to work in the center. Most places will give you a season pass and take the paycheque payments gradually during the season. It's sort of like a payment plan for people who can not ask for cash and plan to work while there. The only problem with this option is that if it snows 30 centimeters and call the patient to go slash pow, you can stay on the ball of the time, and you are stuck at home while his friends have the time of their lives.

Season Pass = $ 1,000 (frequent small resort pass price)


you're probably renting a room in a large chalet or mountain house lot more travel snowboarders. This is the only way most people can afford to live full-time as a resort rental of reach thousands per month on their site. Typical of these rent a room in a shared house around US $ 500 per month. In some places, you pay a $ 50 utility called $ 550. Assuming so, it will remain throughout the season, you'll probably turn up there in Mid November to mid-April.

five months x $ 550 = $ 2,750 per month


Another annoying thing is essential to human survival. Food on the mountain is overrated, like everything else. There are usually small grocery stores, but you'll have to pay about double what the same product in the city. If you find a way down to the town, which is near the mountain where you can buy food cheaper, but usually you pay resort prices for food and if you eat out much you can say goodbye to the sources rather quickly. If you are living instant noodles cases, they can save a lot of money, but let's assume that we want to break down during a balanced diet for your body, snowboard everyday. Food is a person usually run you about $ 75 a week.

20 weeks x $ 75 per week = $ 1,500

I go

Although it does not appear that this will probably be the biggest expense. You live in a resort, the people are there to party, not to mention all temporary, so people are more willing to step out of your comfort zone. You will live in a house full of new friends and there's always something. You should choose a night out wisely, because this is a decisive factor could be the one, how much to work with, instead of slashing fresh pow. A typical night will cost you about $ 100 if some pre-drinking at home, and not too fired up. Several weeks may have two such night several weeks, one. Let us average out and say, 1.5 nights a week.

30 night out x $ 100 per night = $ 3,000

They only essentials, there are always unexpected expenses, but it gives a good idea of ​​what it takes to live in a mountain resort and snowboard everyday .

Total five-month season = $ 8,250

Now that we know the numbers you need to talk about the two most obvious way of life because they will be the biggest factor influencing the season. Although not available to everyone, the thing that can afford the most fun and the freedom to save up $ 10,000 to cover all the costs and all the free time to do what he wants. This means riding, if you want going out whenever you feel like it, and most importantly, do not miss one pow day! If you live on a mountain, it's all a powder day. Things tracked out quickly, and it really sucks when it's snowing and you have to go to work. Watching friends and random people in the rest of the time in their lives, while unable to attend, you get a burning sensation like no other.

This brings us to another option, most people would take the shoes. Get a temporary job in the center of the movie. It has its perks, such as meeting people, getting money and maybe learn a new skill. Not every business is part of the resort's land will be in the center as well. However, if you go to work in the center you will not have to worry about buying a pass as a resort for you. Typically, this will be a payment plan that will automatically remove the payment. Just remember, if you get a "free" pass through your work, you will have complete control. Any powder day that you decide to call the patient will see the ball suspended in the day makes you unable to ride anyway.

Many people can not save that much money and will be forced to work if you want to do something like this. In this case, the task will decide how much you get to play a big roll ride. Night works great because you can ride during the day, if you do not get out. You might get a cheap course and become a ski / snowboard instructor; They would get paid for that month. You can only do what you want to do and hitting the spots you want to hit, you would be teaching beginners the basics mostly all day. Just make sure you make the right decision, some of the best jobs in the least sought after.

Many people have most of their time or even the rest of his life living and working in ski slopes. This is just a brief guide, and a peak into this lifestyle, much more to write on this topic. If you do this, then only one season, you will not regret it. It's something you remember the rest of your life. Here you will meet tons of wonderful people and great friends, party like a rock star and snowboard everyday. If this sounds like a dream then what are you waiting for?

Source by Iain Benton

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