Winners – Valley or Mountain Person? To overcome the challenges of self-employment

"It's not the place where you're going where you're done" so the song goes … which means you do not have to START OUT As a winner – if you decide that you are one – you can acquire the necessary skills along the way.

This weekend I looked at my attitude (I always look at this truth). Meet him, we can all use something to get kicked in the pants when we start to feel sorry for ourselves. However, sometimes it is worthwhile to go back to look at the big picture and reflect . So yesterday deliberately left the circular traffic for a day to rest and charge the batteries.

I started reading a book by Frank Dick, O.B.E. There was a British athletic coach. Talking about the difference between mountain people and 19459003 . Valley people are looking for a peaceful and comfortable shelter, safety and security – their effectiveness is "not losing" and can belong to the "hada, mighta, shouda" brigade.

This valley is not life for them and tries to try out the ambitions of the heaviest climbs. You know we're pleased to reach the peak and the fight we need.

During reading I learned something very interesting Miroslav Vanek, former president of the International Association of Sports Psychologists. He made a comparative study of motivation and talent. The study found that the most talented athletes do not have the same high level of motivation as the less talented who had to learn to defeat. Therefore, those athletes who did not have the chance to make a flexibility for defeat – "the flexibility they need in the senior arena where every athlete can, as much as he can, faces the defeat sooner or later. Skills have never been attacked, these athletes have never come out. "

He continues to say that the less talented athletes have a duty to learn, adapt, fight, and retreat. They learned to change.

What I have taken from this book is that in reality – this is my personal qualities – which play a decisive role in overcoming obstacles, no matter what industry, arena or field I am. Without them, without the attributes I would be unable to handle myself in challenging times, to deal with change or failure. Without blaming my circumstances or sacrificing, or being out of touch with these external influences.

I had to admit – yes, I'm a talented athlete – but how was it different or not to accept the defeat. Then I remember the time I tried to try my own country as a sprinter. On the day I did not even have the chance to compete because it slipped and my face was at the table. There was speechless disappointment. Then it was time I could not successfully defend my long jump title because I gave 3 "no leaps" in a row and I went to tears. Then it was very disappointing to score 1.5cm in the third place on an important long jump, so the All England Championships later disappeared.

I'm sure I've allowed these things to "Hang on for a few days-before you make a meaningful discussion with my coach and look for alternatives or" find the positive ones "in the position – which I finally did. When you're translating this business, think about it – there's a great product or a wonderful service – but that's not enough Because when you're working on yourself – every challenge is usually 100 times bigger because at the end of the day the buck stops with you right?

In order to hand over the winner, you first need to decide that you are working on yourself . You can only start a part-time business, or just start out or talk about diversity,

  • Important Whatever inconvenience, sacrifice or comfort You may experience transient in MOST, but short-term pain is worth the long-term.
  • It is dedicated to being a professional and striving for excellence. Now ask yourself, "how to add value to how I can be better".
  • G o extra miles in all areas . What would be the best thing to think and do right now?
  • B live for the first time – working with a trusted consultant, mentor or trainer. Plaster the house with slogans that say it's amazing. Stay away from dream builders and tiny minds.

  • Be flexible for changing circumstances and be open to new opportunities. Even the difficulties have potentially profitable opportunities
  • You need to be organized – always take care of your business and yourself, even if nobody sees the events in the background. Remember Equally Important

Source by Wendy Dashwood-Quick

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