Whistler-Blackcomb is the famous ski resort in North America. The two mountains rises majestically from the valley, vertical miles to the top. So imagine it's only a day to ski. Which mountain do you choose? All of them support it. There are people who always lead to Whistler Village ThinkDevelopment or Creekside thinking, both heading towards Whistler Mountain, others are the Excalibur gondola or the magician's chair, Blackcomb's main gateways. So what's the difference? What skiers do they choose each other? Is there a real difference between the two mountains? What are the conditions for Whistler over Blackcomb and vice versa?

Powder days (for experts)

If the gods of the weather have been blessed for a fresh day, there is little question about Whistler's choice of mountain for expert skiers. Two words explain why: Peak Chair. The Whistler peak provides access to the vast variety of mere trails to suit all levels of dusty skiers. (If you are at the highest peak, you can go to Air Jordan, a terrific jumping from a rock that reaches an intermediate landing distance from 50 feet, only 60 feet squares, then resumes and another 40 feet to soft snow and then kicks off The first landing and looking at the hospital for several months … if you're lucky.) Blackcomb does not have a lift, compared to the port area opened by Peak Chair.

Powder days (for the rest)

Less successful skiers in the dust head for the Blackcomb glacier dust for days. This is a giant pot, where two or three hours of still shooting can be found after opening the lift. While too ambitious can easily damage the Peak Chair on many peaks and cliffs, they can not do too much damage to the Blackcomb Glacier.

The Stormy Days

When the weather is stormy and the 70km / h wind upsets the high alpine, probably the top lifts are closed. Almost certainly the Glacier chair and the seventh sky on Blackcomb and the T-bands on the Horstmann Glacier will be closed. You probably also see Crystal Chair is locked. With this Blackcomb, most of the interesting terrain is unavailable. However, Whistler, even though the Peak Chair and the Harmony Chair are closed, still have the Village gondola (which is a bonus in the storm that is protected to the right), Garbanzo chair, Big Red And Emerald Express. These lifts remain open in any state they want to pick up on the mountain at all costs. Garbanzo provides particularly access to a number of tree-protected sections that can be stormy.

Sunny Days


Most of Whistler and Blackcomb have north or west faces and only receive the line. This is one of the reasons why the snow lasts for a long time. On cold but sunny days (and sunny days are chilly at Whistler in winter), you have to spend the whole day warming up the track and keep warm. At this time, you want to be in the seventh sky, on the only great south-facing Whistler slope.

Both the Whistler and the Blackcomb Mountains cover the bottom two trees – the third on the skid terrain. Nevertheless, Whistler is on the edge of the sheer area of ​​skiable treed terrain. It behaves like Club 21 and Sidecut in Whistler, similar to Blackcb's Bark sandwich, but the tree slipped from the Peak chair, odd.


The ski slopes at short intervals have longer portions of cafe cognacs, and for whom lunch is the central part of the day, Whistler has little to offer and probably spend more time on Blackcomb. Whistler's restaurant is not in a lot of mood, while Blackcomb has a pair that is transparent: Christine at Rendezvous and Crystal Hut. So every mountain has fans, and every mountain is better under certain conditions and some skier type. Just make sure you try both when you come. If you're looking for somewhere, try Holiday Whistler, which is a great choice in Whistler's Chalets as well as homes and town dwellings.

Source by Henry Schlee

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