What is the Summit?

If you've ever been thinking about climbing Mount Everest, then you're likely to know everything about Summit Fever. Many people say they have reached the top of the equipment as a disrespect for security and ethics. Is the summit a real thing, though? Or is it just a myth that was created to explain some of the climbing activities of the past few decades? Well, many theories explain the so-called Summit Fever.

There have been numerous examples of the media summit in the past few years, which certainly does not mimic the mountaineers in a positive light. For example, if you read Mount Everest, you probably heard of Green Boots Cave. This area of ​​the Dead Zone of Mount Everest is called because it has a mountaineering body called Green Boots because of its glossy green climbing boots.

A few years ago There was a story about the coming of the climbers who met on the green boots that, of course, had been waiting for. When they reached Green Boots, they discovered what they thought of another body. But in fact he was a climber who still lived, Sharp. The climbers and the Sherpa decided that Sharp could do nothing but save and continue on Mount Everest. Several climbers arrived in Sharp, but they continued to climb to reach the peak. However, this raises a number of questions.

Why did not they expedite their expedition and try to get help from the shocked climber? There was no sleeping bag and no radio was for help. This is one of the cases where Summit Fever has been mentioned. Another case for a young woman who, although she knew she was in trouble, carries the mountain anyway. Other climbers said they had killed the summit. There are many things that mention why these mountaineers did, even if they lost their lives or somebody else's life.

Some people claimed that this is partly due to the fact that Mount Everest climbing costs thousands of pounds, which is what the mountaineer wants to achieve what he has achieved. Others have said that climbers do not want to return as a failure. Whatever the reason for this, Summit Fever is certainly emerging with the ethics of mankind and common sense. Are you sure that if these climbers knew they were in danger or that someone else was in danger, would they have done something to prevent something bad? Obviously not.

Source by Colin Wallace

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