Trout Fishing – The Best Places for High Sierra Fishing on a California Gold Icon

The High Sierra Golden Trout Fishing

One of the main factors for defining backpack destinations is fishing gold trout. California Gold Trout was established in 1947 as the official California fish. Aquaculture has extended the range of gold trout to the high altitude waters of Sierra Nevada and other states. The introduction of the destruction of invasive species and habitats and the introduction of high-altitude lakes have tensed on other native plant and animal species.

The California trout's color is spectacularly bright. The abdomen and the face are light red, orange, the lower sides are golden, the middle side band is red in orange and deep in the back.

Early Sierra settlers love so much golden trout as today's anglers today. Such a beauty that has been argued should not be limited to such a small area. At the beginning of the 1900s Ardis Walker, a resident of Kernville, wrote: "Many of the pioneering visitors to gold trout waters have lived with a compulsive desire to share the golden beauty and life of this indigenous habitat with the higher, eastern and northern lakes and streams "

It is common practice for settlers to carry gold trout in a water bucket on the back of the mules for a week at a time, thousands of fish along the way. Some meticulous records were kept; Others did not at all

Studies of the effect on vegetation and the yellow-legged pawl that led to the end of this activity due to the storage of trout in the non-dead high Sierra ponds, and now gold trout were found only in high ponds (10,000 + feet ). They are no longer available and can only be found in ponds where they are self-sustaining.

In order to reverse the damage of yellow-legged frogs and other plant life, non-native trout species have been removed with gillnets. The best fishing was historically in the pond, either near the Kern river and in the south. These include the lake of South America, the Crabtree Lakes, the Wright Lakes, the Wallace and the Wales Lakes. Recently experienced fish were not so good that some of these lakes are still very strong, but in others they are still very strong.

I'm getting the most of it because you're firing camps illegally at high altitudes where the fish And cooking at the stove is challenging. If you like the fresh trout taste, it's worth it. I recently talked to a veteran backpacker and fisherman who said he was catching them. This is another option I have not tried yet.

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