The Seven Severe Adventures: Mountain Sliding, Landscape Research into the Willow Canyon

Arizona is an incredibly beautiful, wilderness state with topography, low-level desert landscapes, high mountain peaks and alpine forests. More than any other geological trait, many gorgeous and distant cliff-shaped canyons, deep winks, waterfalls and pools in Arizona are widespread. However, what I think is even more amazing is that these canyons inland can be accessed through many "non-technical" canyon hiking trails that do not require ropes and literally go from a single day trip to Phoenix or Tucson. At the end of summer and early autumn excursions and excursions, if you have more exciting challenges and an extraordinary and colorful getaway, take a mountain sloping, canyoning adventure trip to the seven dusk and explore the Willow Canyon in Tucson, Arizona

The Labor Day was a holiday, and Sunday morning at 6:00 am I left Phoenix, starting at I-10 East, and arrived at Tucson at 7:30. At the exit of Ina Road, I pulled off the freeway and headed to the left, 8 miles east, and I met with the leadership and organization of the TLC Hiking Group organized by Eric Kinneman at Westin La Paloma Resort and arrived at 8pm. As parking was considered to be limited on the trail, we did this hiking, we got together and started out on day trips and daily trips to the East. The beautiful running of the Sunrise Blvd on the northern section of Tucson and the rolling leg of the beautiful Santa Catalina mountains have always been my favorite. The highest mountain ranges of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson rise up to 9157 feet high at the top of Lemmon Hill. To get there and get to the trail to our tour, we hit Tucson, heading east to Sunrise Blvd to Swan Road, turn right (south) toward River Road to left (east) then right to Sabino Canyon Road Heading towards Tanque Verde Road and proceeding east along the Tanque Verde road to Catalina Highway or Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway and then turn left again

Turn left at Catalina highway to enter the Coronado National Forest and start the winding frenzy of the massive Santa Catalina Mountains. Although I was there for a long time, but I was still amazed at how beautiful and beautiful this drive actually is. Immediately as you rise to 3000 meters high, the outlook is breathtaking with each switch and hairpin curve that offers new and wonderful rock formation or gorgeous canyoning in the distance. If you want to stop and take a lot of pictures, as I always do, you have plenty of options because this drive offers a number of points of view to enjoy along the way. However, at about 5 km marker 5, along with Molino Canyon Overlook there is a pay-per-view station where a $ 5 Coronado National Forest has to buy a day-to-day shopping whenever it is planned to stand anywhere on the drive. We bought the daily flights for each vehicle and went three miles to reach the Seven Cataracts Vista Point just behind Thimble Peak Vista and about a mile marker 8 and the road to Mount. 1/3 of Lemmon

We headed for Seven Cataracts Vista and our tracking trainer parked and started 9 times the daily hiking and canyon adventure. The Willow canyon was absolutely beautiful from the bottom, but it was incredibly steep. Immediately, from the beginning, on the Willow Canyon, this "daily use" track was intense, at least to say. It is estimated that by about a 1000-1300 meter slope straight, with 60% degree, from all loose dirt, pebbles and rocks all of us had to literally land on their "tubes" and section sections, slid down approx. A mile away until we lowered the bottom. What a site to see, very exciting and very entertaining! However, this "unofficial" track used by most experienced casinos is very difficult, sometimes even pronounced or dangerous, so I would not recommend this hiking alone if you have experienced canyon shoes or experienced Kanyon hiking guide with you. After all, We drove safely and reached the bottom, and after a quick grouping, Eric started driving our group on our canyon research, going to the Willow Canyon, Bouncing, and 3rd class climbing through the partially running waterfalls. Really beautiful and spectacular scenery all the way down! We spent about ¼ mile, where a very nice run is, and we have the opportunity to cool, relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of this remote and lesser-known wilderness canyon. Meanwhile, Eric and other adventurers went a further 1/3 and a mile mile and after more secrecy, rock climbing and the 3-4. Class climbing reached a beautiful 100-meter waterfall and a bigger, He said that even with a 10 foot cliff dropping, they could not reach the bottom! Wonderful! After a one hour break, we decided that it was time to come back. Now is the time to be the most challenging part of our canyoning adventure and give it back! So we set off on the Willow Canyon, just as we came, climbed, rocks bounced, climbed the basins and climbed the waterfall. Only a short time passed and within minutes we were safely released and initially "slid" at the side of the hill. We met Eric here, then we split into two groups. You can decide to either lift up in the same room where you chose the loose dirty and pebbled 60% degree, where Eric said that each 3 steps have one or two back slides. Or my friend Dan decided to look like a little down to the left, it's easier to climb straight up the cliffs and the cliff and the top. So myself and a number of other members followed Dan's drive and let go of his feet, slowly and carefully climbed, on a stretch, until we arrived safely. Wow, for me and for a man who was scared and did not experience rock climbing, it was challenging, but it was a very entertaining and incredible workout!

Back to Top and Seven Cataracts Vista Parking They were waiting for the final members to come back safely and then came back to my car at 12:15 to go to Lemmon Hill for lunch at the Iron Door Restaurant. Repeated views along the way were spectacular when you climbed from the altitude to 5,000 feet high to Mount Lemmon Sky Valley, with a height of about 8200 feet. Though the signs of the devastating Aspen Fire in 2003 were noticeable, it was still very beautiful and the temperature was high in this period until the mid-80s and very cool and refreshing. However, the 2.5 Hour waiting The restaurant, being a weekend and a holiday, we decided that it would be best to turn around and go back.

We returned to Tucson for approx. At 2:00 pm and after a great lunch at a small restaurant On Tanque Verde, Renee's organic stove, we arrived at Westin La Paloma Resort at 16:00 pm, where we were back to Phoenix for those who just came down to Phoenix. At 18 we come back again

Overall, this is really an extraordinary canyoning exploration and waterfall tour adventure by the TLC Hiking Group, well-researched, well planned and thoughtful through the last detail Eric Kinneman himself. Truly everything, wonderfully wonderful, exciting, yet very challenging. I think that this hike is best in Eric Kinneman's own words when he cites: "The Seven Cataracts Waterfall Adventure Hike is a wonderful hike that I highly recommend to people, testing their fears, incredible workouts and some amazing canyons, and A 100-foot waterfall and a floating hole, you rarely see anyone, what more can anyone ask for! "

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