The Focus Bikes History


The Focus Bikes bicycle manufacturer in Germany. Competition bicycles, sports bicycles, road bikes and mountain bikes are manufactured by the company. The famous German motorcycle Mike Kluge was founded in 1992. The FOCUS BIKE HISTORY:

In 1992, Mike Kluge founded the Focus Bikes. He himself was cyclocross (a kind of cycling race) world champion three times. Regardless of the name of Focus, he wanted to focus on bike, especially race and sport.

In 1993, the company's bicycle manufacturer Derby Cycle Werke To improve the quality of their bicycles and their production. In the same year, founder Mike Kluge became the German national champion and second place in the World Cyclocross championship. In the championship, a Focus bike led.

In 1994, six mountain bikes were produced. Each one was made with both price and performance. This "value for money" aspect of bicycle production was one of the main reasons for the huge success of their bicycles.

In 1995, the company expanded its production. In addition to mountain hikes, hiking trails and roadbeds have been expanded. Founder Mike Kluge was also the leader of the first German professional mountain bike team.

In 1996, Mike Kluge attended the Atlantic Olympic Games on the Focus Bike. His bike model was called Focus Raven

In 1998 Jorg Arenz, brand manager of Focus Bikes, won the German cyclocross championship with a bicycle manufactured at the company.

2003, Jorg Arenz took over the product manager. In the same year they increased the number of bikes in the race.

In 2005, Hanka Kupfernagel became the Cyclocross World Champion while competing on Focus Bike. The name of the bike used in the race is Focus Mares Team Bike.

The first carbon bicycle frames were made in 2006. This Bike has become very popular with tourists and recreational riders in a short time. Because of the carbon frames they were light and lighter and lighter.

In 2007, Kupfernagel became world premier at the time of his participation in the World Championships.

In 2008, the Focus bike series was produced in collaboration with Andreas Walser who specializes in vocational training and testing. The fastest series of bikes started with Focus bikes. Cyclists won four titles at the 2008 German Cyclocross Championship. The four titles are in a junior category, one in the women's category, one in the 23 categories and one in the elite category. The series of time series was extended to the triathlon segment in the same year.

In 2009, Focus Bikes developed a partnership with the European Racing Team Milram. This sponsorship contract meant that team bikers should run Focus Bicycles while participating in important races in the world. In the same year, the company launched an advertising campaign on Eurosport TV channel across Europe. In the same year, the company also established subsidiaries in the United States, so it entered the North American market directly. Sponsorship of the Jelly Belly Cycling Team in the United States was announced to further increase their exposure to the United States.

In 2010, several new designs were introduced. Focus Bikes increased its sponsorship. Two other Italian teams from the European continent, Team van Vilet and Team Net App, also competed in the Focus Bikes competitions. Focus Bikes also joined the World Cup team. Mountain Bike teams were sponsored, such as the Made In Germany team and an Italian amateur team, Team Focus Italia. The company became the official partner of the 2010 Tour de Suisse.

In 2011 he also started sponsoring the Russian Road Racing Team "Katusha Team". He continues to support the Jelly Belly and Womens Team Vanderkitten sponsorship. In addition, several new Focus Bikes Project bicycles have been added, which have extensive expansion plans for 2012.

So Focus Bikes grew up from a small business that a former competitor champion for a massive bicycle company launched subsidiaries and sponsored the world. In recent years, the company has increased production and bicycle selection and is gradually becoming one of the world's leading bicycle manufacturers, especially in sports competitions.

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