The Excessive Stereotypes of the Crowd of Mountains

The short film written by Chris Offut "Sawdust" offers the reader an insider's insight into the life of the backdrop of the appleach family. The first man, the speaker, Junior, early childhood pieces and pieces, Warren, his mother and father grew up. Authentic mountain speech for the reader means a feeling that adult Junior will hire a GED.

Junior says no one has reached high school on the hillside. And in his own words, he "do not hunt, fish or work". But acquiring GED will be a thing that will scare him, even if he causes a domestic strife inside the family and generates significant gossip among his neighbors. Her mother accuses her of growing up over her wife while her brother makes a hint of the idea and finally leaves the conversation with her for a while. Even his neighbors get into action, and Junior finds himself forced to defend his now-dead father and his own reputation.

Despite his own doubts, and the feelings of his family and neighbors, he receives GED junior Personal Grave. Finally, he expresses his courage to carry out the GED test, but this is still a problem as to how to pay the fifteen-dollar fee prescribed by the state. Even at this back seat, you will never know the return of the test result. Junior shows that the reader can even overcome personal fears if he is stubborn enough.

Receiving GED's certificate is Junior's final personal result in this story. When the reader leaves him, he is looking for a pop bottle stream, because he still belongs to the state for $ 15.

Although I find this story quite entertaining, I found a not-so-pleasant cord in me. As someone born in the mountains of Appalachia, I can honestly say that I never met anyone like Junior or her relatives. Mr. Offut picked up certain features and disrupted them, and maybe that was his intention, but then again, maybe not. In his interview with "Ace Weekly," he commented on "wanting" for us instead of "instead of". I think it was sincere to fail.

Yet, "Kentucky Straight" is fun. I have to admit that I did not read "After sawdust", because sometimes when they transformed their culture into a joke of entertainers, it is simply not pleasant. Especially when it is yours.

Source by Ava Stuart

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