The difference between the blue mountain and the high mountain coffee

Are you a coffee drink? If so, you've probably heard about Jamaica Blue Mountain and High Mountain mixes. Have you ever wondered what the difference is with the name? In fact, there is a significant difference that greatly influences the taste and quality of the beans grown in this area.

It is especially important which one you want to buy, if you want some flavors, regardless of whether you are a nice Drinker. It should also be noted that the bean produced in the Jamaican mountains has a globally recognized certification mark, primarily because of the mere popularity of the products produced in that country.

Jamaica Coffee Directorates Responsibility for the definition and ultimately labeling of "Blue Mountain" or "High Mountain" mixtures. In any case, both types are bold and delicious, so they are imported in large quantities all over the world. Here are some useful information to understand the differences.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Gourmet Coffee Blend

As you might imagine, Blue Mountain coffee beans are grown and harvested in the Jamaica Blue Mountains. It is located in the south of Kingston and in the north of Port Antonio, its area is vast, and the highest point of the mountain is approx. 7500 feet. Their height in the mountains was highest in the Caribbean. But coffee beans do not produce their products so high as they tend to stick to the height of 4000 to 5000 feet. Soil is very fertile here and the air is sharp. In addition, the area receives significant rainfall per year, which is ideal for planting. The result is a cup of delicious coffee with a mild flavor of no bitter taste.

Jamaica High Mountain Coffee

"High Mountain Coffee" Lost because the beans under this category are actually planted at lower altitudes than their opponents. The range is usually approx. 1500-3000 feet. Given that the higher altitude climate is more suitable for growing, the High Mountain coffee beans have a bitter taste. However, these mixtures are still very much sought after, because of their smooth, sweet taste. Therefore, if you want gourmet coffee and budgeting, then this may be better for Blue Mountain products.

Coffee is one of Jamaica's best exports and for good reason. The gourmet mixes they export are the best. If you are interested in high or blue mountain varieties, make sure your company has certified bags that have received the approval mark of the Jamaica Coffee Council.

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