Ten tips to stay safe in the mountains and mountains

Walking in the mountains has become one of the most popular outdoor activities. The Gone is an earlier picture of a pastime of strangely dressed excenteres of elderly people dressed in woolly hats, hobnail boots, corduroy pants and tweed jackets. Modern outfits are actually millions of dollars, which often have a bearing on fashion expression and practical use.

Preverb slices and fashion shows from one side allow you to look at It's a nice day for the mountains to be desired. The next ten items are essential not only for convenience but for real survival and security. Warm dress, consisting of: – Underwear or under shirts, under garments and socks.

(19459005) (Thin lining socks and thicker pedestrian socks) Middle layer : – Polar or wool top. In summer, trousers or shorts (Do not wear jeans, keep water and freeze you in winter.) Cotton also moisturizes, so man-made textile materials like polyester do not keep moisture and dry much faster.) External Layer : – Waterproof jacket (Breath is the best for comfort.) Waterproof trousers, hat, gloves. Summer breeze hat

(2) Footwear: – 2 season boots for summer, lightweight, waterproof,. 3-4 seasons winter boots, hard, stiff soles that are watertight with strong ankle protection. Avoid stubborn legs. Instructors in the winter or wet grass may be deadly.

(3) Backpack: – 25-35 Liter Backpack is the ideal day bag. Choose a breathable backrest, hip strip and adjustable shoulder strap. The more money you pay, the more features you get the package. For example, with rods, bowl trunk for water tank and external waterproof cover. Do not carry any unnecessary things in the bag or you may start to put the unwanted weight in your pocket (19459002) (19459002) (4) Map and compass: – In the United Kingdom, Explorer maps are ideal, give you great details and unambiguous. Try to add a detailed map about two and a half inches a mile, showing fences and walls that help guide your lines. If the map is not laminated, keep it in a waterproof case. The maps are disintegrated in wet conditions. There are different compasses on the market, but they try to get what's in the liquid suspended needle, such as Silva Compass. The basic factor is to learn to use the Compass and read the map before going on the hills. Do not rely on a GPS device. Always create a map and compass

(5) Security Equipment: – Whistle, Torch Backup Battery (LED Holds) And a spare lace kit. (These can be used to bind to your boots or a broken strap.) Rope, if you react to any rock climbing or flowing streams and rivers. Ice cube in winter

(6) Quite food and drink for the sun: – Water or fruit drinks (hot or cold) Dehydrate. DO NOT TEST ALCOHOLS. Alcohol not only dehydrates but also helps very quickly in the effects of hypothermia. Easily digestible foods get much faster in the system. Banana and dried fruit are the best source of sugar, and then chocolate.

(7) Plan your route: – If the weather is bad. Do not take more than you could cope with. Begin with simple walks and build skills over a period of time. Build the escape routes for the walk if the situation gets worse. Tell someone where to go and when they are expected to return. Leave a note in the car's glove compartment. (If the car is still in the parking lot for a few days and you are alerted to the emergency services, you will get at least one road note to work with them.)

(8) Check the weather: – Do not miss it by accident. Always check the weather view a few days before your trip. Avoid extreme weather conditions, such as wind and lightning strikes. The first voice of thunder GETOWN . You can survive with dampness, but you are not likely to survive a lightning strike. If she catches herself, she bends down on the carpet or backpack at the lowest point, finds nothing to hold on metal and wait for the storm to pass. (9) Use Bag under thick socks. This helps to reduce the blisters that, if left, make the day ineffective. Do not try a new boots first to break. Take a piece of fabric for these basic, personal moments.

Get ready: – Good night to sleep last night. Do not go beer the previous night. You will be very dry and you will break it very soon. Have a good breakfast. If you do not have to worry about having the most up-to-date outdoor designs or dresses in it.

Take a look at discount stores or stores of various stores that often offer first-class equipment at rock rates. Do not fall into the basic equipment: – ie. Boots, safety gear, map, compass, waterproof. You may just save your life . Mostly enjoy the experience. This is not about stamina or endurance of the body. From the discovery of petranquillity, one about nature, the companionship of your companions, and maybe a good night out in the pub to boast of your daily activities or sit around the campfire in the early hours, rejuvenate those great moments on the hills.

Source by David Harte

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