Snow – Seasonal Wonders of Life

Have you ever had a snowball?

Living in the Rocky Mountains offers many seasonal wonders for many seasons. Winter is the biggest. Month. Oh, I know there are snow in other places, and in some places there will be snow more snow than we do, but even snow. It's different.

Snow falls into wonderful circles, spiraling to the ground. Each snowflake comes in a way that glorifies the place, the thin air, and the marvelous miracle of mountain high life.

Standing in the middle of a mountain field, snow around you, you're surrounded by white. The distant pines sigh in the glittering magic of snow, the winds passing through. But the sound you hear in the area, the crunching fall of snowflakes, crashes when it crashes. The silence of the air, the lively cool air of the air in its bones and life. It feels like life.

The mountains speak their name. They are your hearts. The pines begin to dance and live and live alive with the elemental value of each snowflake, falling, diving, and landing. But they do not stop landing …

The mountain breeze whirls them. Raises them from the valley floor and dancing with fairy air reflecting on the mountains and edges glittering on the Colorado winter. [Decantent Dance of Dalliance]

The pleasure of a walk can not be overwhelmed by a winter snow fall. My grandmother talked about the month of January as a mysterious decadent dance, a joy she only knew who ventured to leave their comfortable zone and walk where nobody ran.

From sunlight to sunlight as the sky has ceased. But our favorite walks were before the snow had stopped before the sky began to clear and before the silent shelter of seasonal wonders had ended.

there. But in order to experience the disappointment of silent dance, all we have to do is wonder in the new rain snow and wait for it to cover your music, then circle around and stand until snow is covered. Watch and watch the seasonal miracle fill your heart and your soul until you are overwhelmed by blackness.

Listen close … you hear the fall of snowflakes

Source by Jan Verhoeff

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