Results or Technique-Oriented Results? Life Exercise and Lesson from Ninja Art

What do you think when you try to reach the goal? Are you focusing on the purpose you want to achieve and the results, or do you focus on how you do what you are doing to make it happen?

These are important issues, especially the purpose of being able to achieve your goals in getting the things you want in your life to least wear during the process. This article, while being written from the perspective of South Korean ninja warriors, highlights the secrets of reaching the goal that if you understand and can do that for you …

… gives you the power, Trust and control to create the life you've always dreamed about life and – for my Ninja students – the skills you need to protect your life from anything that can endanger you!

So the question persists …

You're a result oriented. Or are you a technician-oriented person? 19459002

The Difference That Helps Understanding the Difference, Here's an Example of Ninjutsu's Art

Imagine a mountain. A very high mountain – not such rolling hills, that in many areas without "real" mountains, many are called such ones! 19459002

They think of the Rocks, the Himalayas or the Andes. Be a giant mountain!

Now that it's result-oriented, it means focusing on the top of the mountain. On the other hand, technology orientation means exactly how "you will focus on the mountain.

One perspective is heading toward the end and the other knows that if he does everything to "get".

Two views – the same end in mind.

And although you can choose ninjas, the ninja sees that both are just and necessary The Great System of Things. But he also understands that …

It's not just a mountain!

The ninja is a result-oriented person. However; Rather than reviewing the mental experience of climbing the mountain without the means or the ability to do it – just in the dream of pie-in-the-sky – the Ninja follows a plan that will And in itself determines what skills are needed.

The plan begins to see the mountain, which is – a unique object with many "faces". Some areas are smooth and almost vertical – others gradually tilted upward. And though both the time, effort or resources to save, the ninja must also recognize another factor that is often ignored by the typical method of targeting the masses.


My students are getting in touch every day from all over the world. And every day they fill my disciples with my classes to learn how to become a master warrior – a ninja. Still, when I ask them how long they have learned, what they want to get rid of. Art or what they need to work for … most have a vague idea or no trace at all!

And for those students who have an idea – Those who thought what they were doing and why …

When asked when they were asked how long they should achieve the goal or develop their skills, Usually their answer …

… as long as it lasts.

Of course it will be … "As long as it lasts!"

What do I mean … "how long is it?" Or "how long do you want me to buy?" A technically-oriented person can identify the exact skills But you still have to reach what they need forever and there are plenty of skill sets There is nothing to do with each other.

The result-oriented person, however, knows what he wants to achieve and why they want this "thing," but they are not sure how they will or will never take any steps to get anywhere

The answer is not extreme because dreams and goals (result orientation) without plan and action are simply empty – to experience and dream. And because many techniques and skills just need them to be steered with idle rolling, just "skills".

The Ninja Warrior Wizard understands the secret that is the Potency between the two empires – that you need to be clear about clarity and goals to know where you want to be and why and the skills you need to attain it. ..

… not only the most effective Let's get the least amount of wear you can. But still … as fast as possible to start enjoying the benefits of your performance!

To one of my meditating teachers …


"Do not stop your life as a human being." And begin to live like a human being. "" Take where you want to be and live a life that will allow you to do what you want. "

Less waste!

Source by Jeffrey Miller

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