Once the brutal Texas summer heat is blowing on the first arctic fronts, vacation opportunities change dramatically. 5 Cool Things You Can In Garner State Park This Winter

As the seasons change, so is the weather and the locations that are the best. However, a place is as charming and beautiful as ever. Lots of wildlife, natural beauty, and fortunately adventurers – less crowded – Garner State Park is the perfect winter resort. Here are five cool things you can do.

1. Stay Into Us In a winter, renting a cozy hut is not always about simply having a night's sleep after a day's adventures. The cabin itself can be relaxed, relaxed, and spend time with family and friends. Sometimes, in an exceptionally cool day, it is best to stay there and relax a fire that looks at a good movie or reading a nail book. Garner State Park has individual family cabins and larger group or family cabins available.

2. Hiking

Even in the winter, Texas is still beautiful. The cooler temperatures are perfect for spending the days on the slopes. In this state park, there are plenty of trails for discovering wildlife in the winter. People with more experience can choose from larger and larger hiking trails. Frio Canyon trail 4.4 km, and there are shorter trails than the Blinn River Trail, which follows the river and is only 5 miles.

3. Kayak Canoe

Even during the winter the Frio River is suitable for a fun canoe. Colder temperatures allow for certain safety precautions, but the extraordinary peace and silence of the season is perfect for kayak adventures on regular, cool Texas winter days. Pack a picnic lunch and go to the river in many places. Kayak and canoe rentals are available from many different suppliers or take your own!

4. Relax

Winter time is a quieter time to rent a cabin and / or camping. There are fewer families, and the park is less crowded overall. Enjoy the peace and quiet and relax by the fire. Barbeque, tell stories and fill up something. As long as you anticipate severe weather conditions, the cooler temperatures will be fresh.

5. Outside the camp

If a cold front does not pass or large A chance for rain, ice or snow, the campsite is an option all year round in the park. Plan ahead of time and make sure you have electric blankets, wood for fire, and any other necessary hot nights during the night.

Even during the winter, I have a lot to do with Texas state park. Get your gear and adventure and escape.

Source by Christopher Rivera

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