Nude hiking in the National Park – Get to know it!

Nude hiking in a national park – Coronado National Forest

National parks have secluded areas where nude hiking is absolutely possible – they often occur. Of course, we must be cautious not to harm visitors who do not value nudity or who can even call 9-1-1. But if you choose areas where naked hiking typically occurs, hikers are likely to be as naked as you are.

If you belong to many people who like to retrieve nature from a remote (a private entertaining area) where you can take out your clothes and take a look outdoors, there are many hidden places in America where you can do this.

Contrary to Europe, American The puritanic instincts make it harder for outdoor nudity in the United States, but one of my favorite spots for naked hiking at the Tanque Verde Falls. It has been a popular naturist site for many years. Tanque Verde is located to the east of Coronado National Forest Arizona, Tucson. After leaving the sidewalk, he gets to the park on a dusty road and into an area where naturists lose everything. Although I do not recommend this, some visitors dance from the parking lot to popular places.

Warning: Tanque Verde Falls are located in a narrow canyon. At the northern end of the canyon, the rocky terrain collapses and becomes a huge funnel that suddenly precipitates the canyon. After heavy rain (which rarely occurs at Tanque Verde), the water level can rise rapidly and few people have the power to swim in the streams. Many hikers have been reported to be wiped at unexpected wavelengths. So a quick exit route was planned before it became drowsy in the sun.

By climbing the canyon you will find the first naturist area where the falls are located. During dry periods the rocks are about 30 feet high. They become a place for waterfalls when the water rises when mountain snow melts or the rain overflows. Otherwise, it is typically sandy or large, flat rocks can be sunbathed. This area is the easiest to reach and is visited by straight individuals and couples. Gays and lesbians usually go about half a mile up the canyon after they have beaten the roads well over the Tanque Verde waterfall. Reducing the main road is not a difficult but steep descent, and even greater strain on the canyon after hikers are tired of the hot sunshine.

With the clothes – the maintenance of hiking boots. (I suggest you take an old canvas shoe because it might have to pound some feet of water.)

This area is like the Garden of Eden, in the middle of the desert. Just make sure to pack the water and maybe some beer or wine. And do not forget about a sandwich or snacks. There are no services nearby.

Enjoy yourself. But beware of the dangers of nature. I looked at a rattling grid and almost spoke to a hissing gila-monster. You can observe the white frogs, the beautiful song birds and the birds of prey, and of course many saguaro cacti between other desert plants and flowers.

Source by David Currier

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