NLP decision destruction technique and an elephant in Thailand

In May 2008, I went on vacation to Thailand with my dear friend Nichola. We traveled without a plan, a hotel room or a converted dollar. It's just a commitment to spend incredible time and return to Canada with so many unique experiences as much as possible. By the end of our visit we have achieved this goal and many more.

Our trips included nightlife and shopping in Bangkok, and spectacular beaches of Ko Phangan and Ko Samui. The hike that has changed most lives to both Nichola and my Chiang Mai mountain hiking region. We met in these mountains, where we all met with tribal people, floated on a river with a bamboo suit, and we went to a jungle on an elephant's back.

Hike in the back country to meet Those who still live in their ancient ways have been excited for years. I was curious to see the environment, how they communicated with other tribes, and the general feeling of how it felt to return in time. That meant climbing up a steep terrain with a backpack, drinking unknown food, drinking fluids, sleeping on a pile of wild animals in the woods, all with his Thai leader, two Parisian men and two men in Italy, all of whom were absolute gentlemen. Two nights and three days in the jungle, I was in my glory! Nichola chose a group that was only one night in the woods. That's why we had very different, unique experiences to share our return. One of my understanding was that families living in huts, farming and animal husbandry could have lived in ancient times. One element has never changed, the joy of enjoying the company of others and the pride of their families. "

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a prerequisite for people to do their best to use the resources they have. I saw communities that shared resources, enjoyed social times, and thrived in the way they were born. I realized that we were not different, ours was the same. In the end, whether we are living from the internet or the farm, driving a car, scooter or horse in an industrialized mansion or bamboo hut, we all have to eat, we need shelter, and we need the love instinctively.

It was even deeper the conversation my leader, Jip. She was so kind and gentle to her character. It was not surprising that he learned that he was preparing for a monastic journey to become a monk. The first night in the camp, he encouraged the second stove, where he only sat with his mental energy. I joined him with an undeniable urge. Jip congratulated me on hearing my intuitions about how quickly I responded to her invitation.

We sat together for one hour while sharing our goals of being together at this moment. Jip's mentor advised her to have three students to encourage life; He thought I was one of them. The words that he pathetically shared while dancing in the pit were incredibly empowered. I was really blessed to be present.

These thoughts are written in a personal blog. January 2009.

And the road will begin. I really think I went to Thailand with Nichola in May 2008 and changed. This was the beginning of my discovery when I did what I wanted; Not what someone thinks or proposes to be. This is usually what man is from the beginning, not me. I chose the lazy route and kept going in the easy direction that showed me. For a lifetime I finally stopped. Thanks Jip. Our conversation was huge and made a definite impression on me. I always care.

Jip helped me to be a strong person and listen to myself when seeking guidance. That my intuition is real and respected. Inner power that is developing in crazy directions as it grows without guidance. Jip's mentor advised her to soon get the student, someone who would bring it to the next level. He trusted in his instincts that I was, while sharing courage in my intuition. I appreciate and respect your bright enlightenment, Kp pr. Nichola shared another thought-breaking moment. He was so kind to sending this perspective email to friends and family. Shared with his permission, he wrote:

The elephants … are so wonderful.

I was riding the elephant through the jungle. The trainer shouted at the commands and headed his head with a blade device. The voice of her hollow skull was unbearable to me.

At one time, the trainer accidentally dropped the blade. The elephant was instructed to pick it up. He did, but then he threw it into the jungle. She was again advised to pick her up. He did it and threw it back into the jungle. And so it continued, even more times until the coach had to descend and receive the damn self.

Clever, obedient, but faint. That was my elephant. All right, maybe anthropomorphic, but I thought this little boy had a good sense of humor. I started thinking about the elephant who was obviously unhappy with her life. I was wondering what prevented her from going to the jungle?

There is a tiny chain around their bosom that is barely attached to the sand for a small station. Babies became socialized so they could not escape, and finally they stopped. They grow up into adults, and they just think it's true, even if they can escape at any moment.

I started thinking that my elephant experience is like a life experience … are not we like elephants? It is trapped by social and social constructions, we believe we can not escape? … I just thought I shared my madness with the world …

At that time I was not NLP master course And shocked by the possibility of being right and the inspiration from Jip Received, faded. How can this then be so enlightened? Can we be just a certain person in life? Can not we go any other way once? If there is fear, then for a lifetime. If we are a taxi driver, we are a taxi for a lifetime? Is this change not a realistic dream, and freedom is the same as the chain of the elephant's ankle? How can we ever break away from what binds us, and the only thing that stops us is our own mental process?

If I could go back to the communication skills I now ask Nicholta, a series of questions that are typical of NLP's breakthrough work; What is a similar obstacle to his life as an elephant. I would also ask that this limitation is a problem. How long has this problem been? When did this problem begin and do it now? Who taught him that this is all right? What purpose or intent is this belief grounded? I would repeat these questions until we discovered at the same time what was the main reason for this belief.

Then I would use a technique called a destroyer and ask Nichola that this is all he thinks. Are not you more than that? How are you, the more, and the way it is. I would confirm that it is more than that and you can be sure that you know this. Finally, I ask him that he now believes that he is really more than an elephant and break the chain that he obviously is able to physically do and do it mentally. That there is nothing that can escape, only man himself. Social and social constructs are labels that trap our faith to limit us from what we really want to do. I decided that I would not be an elephant and I will continue with the above questions when I feel the chain around my ankle until I'm out of my mental attitude. If I can do it, Nichola can do it. Already have. So you know, do not you know?

When we got to Canada, Nichola and I agreed that Thailand was a mystical place that changed our outlook, our mindset, our beliefs and our behavior. We arrived without a plan and in quite interesting ways, home without us. As we removed the restrictive beliefs and abolished the barriers, we placed new, improved and exciting things. He frees us to make you stand out on your life. Is not that what we want to achieve? Start now.

Source by Joanne Vermeulen

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