Maxpce Review – Which Gearslinger Is Right for You?

I've taken up this Maxpedition overview to help you decide on the right Maxpedition Gearslinger to suit your needs. The Gearslinger series has seven complete packages, all of which are made with the industry's best materials and design. From a small-sized tactical bag to a large-size package that grips the gap between the backpack and the Gearslinger.

All Gearslinger packages have a single chest strap like a double shoulder strap backpack. The only strap has the advantage that the bag can easily reach the bag from your back to your chest. It's a liquid movement that you want to learn to love. All Gearslinger packages except the Maxpedition Monsoon have pockets designed to be easily accessible while the bag is located on its chest. You do not have to ship the package like a normal backpack to make it easier to access your content.

Maxpedition Review – Remora

Maxpedition Remora is the smallest in the Gearslinger series. It is a great tactical CCW bag that can hide a full-size gun and fit some other necessary equipment. The front compartment is large enough to hold more tools, extra clips, and small mobile phone laptops. In the main compartment, ordinary everyday little things can be kept. Usually the charger, the glasses, the para-cable, the sunglasses, etc. I hold it in this compartment. On the back of the bag there is a CCW pocket that is padded inside and out. Great little bag for everyday use or even a small daily package for hiking

Maxpedition Review – Lunada

Maxpedition Lunada is a Remora But it's still a little EDC bag. Some of the great added features include a mobile phone pocket for strap, multiple MOLE joints and more pockets. With this bag you can add a little more, big enough to be a net book or an ipad. This is a good package for one night.

Maxpedition review – Sitka

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger is one of my favorite packages, Lunada with all the great features of the Gearslinger series. Plus it's big enough to use it as a normal backpack. You can pack lots of equipment in this bag! The Sitka Gearslinger features 3 main pockets and an additional pocket that fits into a moisturizing bag or hidden weapon. This bag is not big enough to fit into a standard laptops, but it fits 8 well to any net book or ipad. The added water bottle holder has enough space for a 32 oz Nalgene bottle, which is an added bonus.

Maxpedition Review – Mosoon

Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger is a bridge between a regular full backpack and a gear. More than 1600cc inches creates an internal pocket space and large error glasses or large EDC packs. Monsoon is big enough to capture the entire laptop and great hiking. In this bag, there is enough space for every need, including a few days of clothing, including shoes. This is a great package to use the full backpack size and chest comfort.

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