How to organize and promote mountain biking

So you love mountain biking and want to participate in a race. Do not know where to start or what to consider? Below is a list of how to organize and promote a mountain bike race. This will help you get started and give you some tasks you need to take into account. Here's what to think about.

1. Select a place to compete.

2. Get permission to compete at the desired location. Perhaps you should contact your landowner, the local government, and the police. The oral contribution to the event may be due at the venue, but it is better to receive it in writing.

Check out the race:


Race distance and / or length

Starting time of each group? Faster riders usually start slower riders. Do you need medical support at the venue on the day of the competition?

4. Try sponsors to help reduce costs and be willing to give the sponsors something to spare. As an example, you can add your logo to flyers, banners or web pages, etc.

5. Perform a race and spread it to bicycle shops, schools, and email it. Also, publish the mountain bike classified sites. Make sure the flyer includes:

Event location and direction

Categories and race distance

Participation fee

Last login

Contact Information

Special Comments

6. View other things:

How Much Can You Get People?

Go to the tournaments

Go trophies

Work with law enforcement agencies as needed

30 days in advance must be sent

You need it – table, awning, PA system etc.

7. Develop the task list and educate your volunteers. The more you communicate with your volunteers, the more you organize the event. You can not do it yourself.

Stay calm on the day of the tournament and know what to do. Everyone will enjoy the day. When the mountain bike race finishes, do not forget to walk the path and make sure there is no trash on the track.

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