How to Make a Turkish Head Knot with Paracord

The Turkish head knot is a triangular cord that is working continuously. This is usually used as an ornamental knot used to decorate a hiking surface or a slide for a tie. This tutorial shows you how to create a turkish knot easily and quickly.

Need a piece of paracord, a pin A wooden pen, pen or element you want to decorate, a wood burning tool and a scissors . To determine the amount of paracord required, tie the string around the four items you want to decorate.

Creating the Turkish Head Knot

STEP 1 – Find the center of the paracord with the mandrel

STEP 2 – Take the round

STEP 3 – Screw the right end to stay under the left end

STEP 4 – Continue the right side thread and cross the first wrap

STEP 5 – Place the thread under the left side thread

STEP 6 – Use a left-handed ribbon over the second package and pull under the first packing.

STEP 7 – Turn the mandrel to look at the back of the knot.

STEP 8 – Top Cover Over Bottom Housing

STEP 9 – Remove the lower thread and thread over the bottom cover and under the top cover

10 STEP – Remove the upper thread and put it under the top pack and lower the bottom cover. Now carefully tighten the knot so that it is even.

STEP 11 – Slide the knot off the needle and cut off the excess paracord. Do not slide the decorative knot on the staff.

STEP 12 – Melt the ends of the paracord with the wood burning tool

Source by Karen Friesecke

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