How to Build Your Own Cave House

Wait a minute. Would you tell me how to attract bats to the yard? Things that bend your hair and your blood?

Well, the bats do not fly to anyone's hair and if you do not have Holstein

In South America, they will not suck their blood. And a bastard bat

night kills thousands of mosquitoes.

For decades, Europeans have been insecticide with backyard pots,

small wooden houses that resemble the birdhouses where the bats hang. Once the

Bat colonies can help kill a local mosquito population.

Pesticides are not just a bats' colony but an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides

complement today's biocert. Droppings, which fall out of a bat house

provides excellent fertilizer in high nitrogen. Unlike electronic bug zappers, bats

Do not scare birds out of the yard and bats need homes. Natural caves such as caves and hollow tree trunks

less and less. The average suburban tree does not provide much space

next to the curious by-passing bat. The staff of the guard parks spoil the rotten trees

and clear, hollow and fallen trees for public safety.

Where is an asylum battalion located? "Many bats like old buildings

because they offer nooks and crannies to roosting, "says Paul Gorenzel

University of California-Davis, "but the new construction is stricter and does not provide

good homes. "There are colonies with thousands of free-tailed bat

live in buildings or under bridges

Homeland Batman Houses are a popular alternative shepherd. But Bat

Austin, Texas International Conservation Report, has several requests for bats houses

like crazy calls from cruel bats. (Little ticks take rabies, and if so, quickly

dies when he's sick. Even when rabid these shy animals are seldom aggressive.)

Homeowners extending invitation to bats will be the most successful if the bat

house is located near a constant water source. Bat houses can be equipped,

Ideally located at 20 meters high on trees or poles but housed houses

higher temperature stability. The entrance must be free of obstacles

bats can easily reach their new home.

The new bat station must be patient to its guests. It is one year and 18 months

is a typical waiting time for a bat colony. Most species are migratory,

are looking for suitable caves to hibernate through the winter. Hanging a bat house a

autumn or winter next spring to encourage interrogation to resettle bats


The little brown bat is the most likely bat to occupy the bat box. This

voracious insect will nourish aquatic insects, sometimes catch as much as

600 mosquitoes for an hour in their wings as they are through the night sky. The little

A brown bat often shares his close relative, the big brown bat. The big

brown bat is a very hard and active year to stay. It favors the bugs

Evening Dinner

For more information on bats and bat soldiers, see Bat Conservation

International at . For small donations a

brochure on the basics of the rackets and the series of house building plans

copyright 2006

Source by Doug Gelbert

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