Hiking Indiana – Pinnacle Peak Trail Jackson State Forest – Indiana

The most popular destination in Jackson State Forest is the one mile of hiking trail to Pinnacle Peak. 966 meters above sea level, this is the second highest spot in the park. This track is about to have a good tennis shoe. Sandals, flip flops and dress shoes are not suitable for this track. Wide, well marked, and has a good surface, but there are many climbs and descent. This is a challenging path.

Trail One is the trail leading to this location, the trail is located at Pinnacle Peak's parking lot at the northeast end of the park. Just follow the Main Forest Road all the way to the rear, park left. The Pinnacle Peak Shelter House is just a little further away, a great place for family gatherings or gatherings. There is a playground, primitive camping, fishing in Knob Lake, and many other trails, so spend a good day.

The trail rises steeply to the Old Tower Site, the first milestone along the trail. At one time there was an old fire-fighting tower here, some of the old concrete surfaces still in the ground. At this point you want to take the left-hand villa, heading right to the High Point, about a mile away.

The left villa is lightning fast, be careful, as this part is slightly pebbly and slippery Even when the soil is dry. The trail again rises, falls and goes up. Then you will meet at Trail 10, which comes from the left. A short distance to the Trail 10 starts east, Trail One continues with a step and around the hillside.

Finally you get to a point where you will see two positions that look like the path between them. So you can get to Pinnacle Peak, but the trail actually stays. If I go straight, climb a rather vertical, pebble rock. The left valley is longer but much easier. The path from this point rises relatively evenly, curves behind the curves and finally slip towards a last pebble path. Once there, there are two main attractions. The main sight is the trail you are coming to. To the right there is a terrific view of the surrounding countryside, to the left of the hills of the park. Straight to High Point. The other view is smaller but has impressive views of the neighboring hills. An interesting chestnut oak provides a low foot to sit and look. There are some pretty flat stones to lie and there is a bench where to sit. It's a good place to have a picnic lunch, as you think about looking at the view.

The Pinnacle Peak Trail basically runs through a forest that mainly consists of chestnut oak, sugar beet and other high-end hardwood. Wildflowers abound in spring. The unrivaled 300 climb passes through a very beautiful forest along ribs and divides it as you go to its destination, the Pinnacle Peak. This is one of Jackson State Forest's best tours.

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