HARO folding mountain bicycles

Today, the folding mountain bikes are famous. For cyclists wishing to have a great outdoor adventure, mountain bikes with ease of portability, comfort and practicality are chosen. On the other hand, there are some who want the means of transport that allows them to travel without commuting. This is where the folding mountain bikes come to the picture. Large demands are great models that meet every need. The Korean HARO DX cycle features a folding mountain bike that you definitely want to try.

Samchuly is the founder of the HARO DX cycle, the best-known and largest bicycle manufacturer in Korea. They have been in the industry for almost 60 years. They are known to have a good reputation for producing quality cycles according to ISO9001. They also delivered bicycles at the 1988 Olympics and at the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Despite the quality of construction, this model is more like a recreational bicycle than actually designed to make the hillsides competitive. This is a great opportunity for both mountain and everyday commuters.

Folding mountain bikes are more used to different riding positions and frame scaling than conventional and conventional bicycles. The HARO DX folding mountain bicycle design emphasizes the bicycle's compactness as expected. Within the 16 inch frame size, there is a clever trick to drive to a small, full-size wheel. Most high cyclists who usually prefer a traditional and very good bicycle location can sacrifice a small folded compactness with a longer seat, so that longer legs are occupied.

This bike is perfect for commuting Everyday and easy to transport by car, bus, motorcycle, train and airplane. There is no need for a loop stand because it is easy to carry and unfold in seconds, without using any device with the built-in quick release levers. Without wheels or all spare parts of the bike, you will drive 30x90x90 cm. These bikes are also delivered with a transport bag. It has a long zipper around the three sides, with a carrying handle that can be moved to the shoulders. This may be a bit expensive, but quality is worth it. The bag is heavy with waterproof inner coating. The generous trilateral zipper makes it easy to open it for easy loading. It has a simple "square" design that not only makes the bag versatile, but also offers a wide "gap" for the protection of helmets and all other materials.

The Haro bike series is made in different models, it designs. You can choose from a variety of styles at variable prices. Some of these models are sold in discount rates that are quite beneficial to you.

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