Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park – A Day Trip to the Whole Family

The northern quarter of the city is 40 miles away, the FDR State Park is approx. It covers 2 square miles. Despite its mid-size, this park is large enough for its full range of activities. Regardless of Disc golf or hiking / cycling / running the tracks, it seems that there is something for everyone in the family. (Note: The quietest places in the park nest nest on ski slopes outside picnic areas.)

In warmer months, the park is full of lower New York, With New York City travelers. Sometimes the park feels crowded, but there always seems to be plenty of room for everyone. It is best to visit holidays and weekends to fully appreciate the tranquility of the park.

Fall Activities

Park is also very popular in the fall Due to the various activities held here. Every year, in early October, Support Connection Breast and Ovarian Cancer Walk are held and attended by people of all ages, sometimes including actress Glen Close. In general, the Support Aid Walk within a week at FDR, the Blind Age is held by the Blind Walk to raise money for dog keeping. In the fall of another major event, the Indian Festival (PowWow), which includes various activities to get to know American Indian culture.

Winter Activities

While Park is not necessarily the most exciting place in the winter, there are still things to do. If the lake is frozen, it is a perfect place for ice skating and ice fishing. (Note: Skate and fish are at your own risk.) The trails are ideal for cross-country skiing and the hills are great for sledging.


Swimming Pools at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park are definitely great. The pool is on weekdays from 10:00 to 5:30, weekdays from 10:00 to 6:30, cost: $ 2 per person. The floating part of the swimming pool has a section 8, each of which is guarded by a protective guard to ensure the safety of the safety personnel. (Note: Most of the time only 4 sessions are open unless the number of proponents opens any more.)

Depth of the pool from 1 to 5 to 1/2 feet (excluding the diving section). There is also a track that is open from noon. In addition, there are 2 dive sections, all of which contain small and large diving. There are several rules on the diving board to prevent injuries (no flips, back diving, double jump, etc.), so the only thing we can do is jump and dive. At weekends, the pool can reach full capacity (3500 cartridges), but the average number ranges from 100 to 1000 on weekdays. This seems to be great, but the pool and indoor pool size is more than enough for everyone to occupy.

The pool has a concession stand, which is usually quite expensive, so I suggest food. There are benches and lots of grass for the patrons to settle down and enjoy the sun. Lake, Boating and Fishing Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park also offers a boat and pedal boats for rent to the Mohansic Lake. (Note: Swim is not allowed.) If you prefer to take your own kayak, kenuja or cruise ship, a boat will start but a regional boating license is required. Fishing is also permitted, but New York State has a freshwater fishing license.

There is a small waterway that is large enough to take a boat from the lake of Mohan Lake that leads to Crom Pond. Only trees and wildlife can be seen from Crom Pond, so if you are on a waterway for a more comfortable trip then this is a nice place to go from everything. Hiking Trails

Whether your dog is walking, walking or just enjoying the day, many of FDR's walking paths allow for hours of discovery and relaxation. The hiking trails are relatively flat, though some are much more challenging for experienced hikers. Among the tracks, there are light asphalt tracks and medium impurities. Whatever you do, you are never too far from a familiar monument or pavilion.

After swimming in the pool or walking the trails, many people settle down in one of the eight picnic areas. As the food was cooked on the coal mines provided, there are many picnic areas with playground, volleyball court, soccer / baseball / softball field and casual basketball. Lattices are old enough to say the least, so I would suggest that you bring your own charcoal grate or an extra tin foil.

In the summer months, two concession stations are open, more expensive than their own food. Every picnic area has a free washbasin that is fairly clean for the park. All in all, FDR State Park is a fun and cheap way to spend a day with your family.

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