Fly Fishing Idaho, less known River Bitch Creek

Not only is the spectacular fishing of the Idaho rivers, but there are plenty of streams that carry beautiful native trout. Bitch Creek is one of the less well known streams that are spectacular.

Idaho Fly Fishing in the Bitch Creek Who knows the name of Bitch Creek, but we have a theory for Frenziers. There are two points for the Bitch Creek fish that I'm going to develop, but one of the access points we usually fish is very steep and quite hikers. It's worse than hiking, ridiculous hiking. We have always stated that once you sit down you are good, but this is a bitch to get out. That's why it's called Bitch Creek. The river runs from two separate villas that eventually join directly to Idaho border in Wyoming. North Bitch Creek begins north of the Moose Mountain. South Bitch Creek begins north of the Dry Ridge Mountain, on both summits in Wyoming at Grand Teton National Park. The two streams bend out of the mountains and end up about 5 miles east of Idaho / Wyoming border, which forms the Bitch Creek. Just before entering Idaho, the Jackpine Stream will be broken into Bitch Creek. Idaho, in Fremont County and in the Teton County. It runs through beautiful canyon settings before finally going to the Teton River in Driggs, Idaho, northwest. The puppy is only about 15 miles long. The northern and southern forks provide an additional 8 to 10 kilometers, but the main fishing waters are between 12 and 15 miles.

Location Bitch Creek Southeast Idaho Beautiful Tetons. It passes part of the Jedediah Smith Wilderness before it arrives in Idaho and continues its journey through the Caribou Targhee National Forest. Needless to say, no beauty is missing.

As mentioned earlier, there are two main access points. The most significant is along the 32nd freeway, north of the prosperous metropolis north of Felt Idaho. The 32nd Highway is an Ashton, Idaho and Tetonia Idaho connecting highway. To get there, get Hwy 33 out of Rexburg, Idaho Driggs, and just before Tetonia Idaho takes North Hwy 32. North of Felt Idaho Hwy 32 crosses Bitch Creek. There is a stretch where you can park and you can climb up the stream either up or down. I personally never fished up. The second access point is a favorite of the madness group, and a place that is the biggest wasteland I've ever had. To get here from Hwy 32 to Ashton Idaho Tetonia and pass through a small town Drummond Idaho (Drummond Bar famous). Only 2 miles south of Drummond is a southern road called 4350 E. Two fence framing on both sides of the road are recognizable. You seem to go to the farmers' garden because the houses and pubs pass but continue, and the dirt road becomes narrower and finally ends at the edge of a steep canyon. The canyon downwards represents a huge contrast to the large grain fields we pass through when you come here. Once you see the two interconnected water systems on the canyon that coincide. Here is the Bitch Creek in the Teton River. Even though I've been in this place many times, I always seem to get lost every other time. It's a tricky place to find, but if you've found one of the best little patrols you'll ever find. As a side note, please respect the landowner / farmer's property on ground roads that allow us to have fishermen access these beautiful places.


It is contrary to any other fishing I've been to. Access is hard and the creek is even worse, but it adds to the feeling that you are the only mile away to take home. And you have the chance to be alone and never see the whole day again.

About 12 years ago, this creek was discovered when Marc Crapo took me. Since then I've been trying to go every summer and consistently pulled a 17-18 cm cow from this little creek. When I arrive at the confluence of the Teton and the bitch, I'm always on the brink. The stream has good pools and runs every corner. If you do not force yourself to stop, you'll find yourself never leaving the "next polar" syndrome created by this creek.

From the middle of June, after the spring run, the best fishing time goes on. Yetter, Gene Simmons, and in 2002 I learned the hard way of Frenzy 1. Mostly with the quarry nines I used the famous Bitch Creek nymphot. Standards like pheasant tail, field ears, and prince nymphs are always working well. Hopper patterns proved to be very productive

If you are looking for the perfect place to receive the great Cutts, there is virtually no pressure, Bitch Creek is your place

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