Feist doggy dog ​​loves the cat

Is this the first time you heard about a Feist dog dog? You're not alone. Many people do not know this wonderful breed of dog that has been in America for centuries. They are well known in the countryside in the countryside where they have always recognized their excellent hunting skills.

Feist is known as an underground hunter and a woody species. They are chasing the loot (small game, usually squirrels) a tree and keep it in the corner until the master arrives at the scene. But I do not think a Feist doggy dog ​​is just a hunt for it's excellent Social pets as well.

The Feist label refers to a group of dogs, including rat bark, Mullins Feist, Treeing Feist, Denmark Feist, Kemmer Feist and Mountain Feist. The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize these breeds, but the United Kennel Club (UKC) does not recognize one of the breeds – the torch.


The thumb is about 15-30 lbs and 12-18 cm tall. Their short, soft layer is usually white with darker spots – relatively maintenance-free. Their ears are high on their heads and have a terrier tip with a pointed nose. There are many tails.

Temperament is used for hunting, and therefore only fits with other dogs. Every terrier is a bit noisy and hyper sometimes, but it will find that Feists are more relaxed and quieter than other terriers, such as the Jack Russell Terrier. As with any dog, training should start early and strengthen during their lifetime – this is a happy pet and a happy owner. The Hinds are intelligent and should be questioned and encouraged regularly to keep them at the highest possible level.

Selection of Feist puppy

Look at the whole litter. If the puppies of a litter look sick, go somewhere else. Probably each of them carries the disease – usually the weakest is the litter first showing disease signs.

The eyes must be clear and light. Be careful not to have a mucous membrane around your ear or eye. Check the coating to detect wounds or bald patches – which can indicate parasites. Make sure you get a veterinary record to know how to keep your veterinarian. Food and water bowl, food, chewing toys, collar and leash, flea and tick medicines

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