Corrective Cancer with Mountain Graviolus

Due to the need for continued gentle and more affordable treatments, natural cure is inevitable. You may have heard of the marketing of various herbal alternative medicines. Such an alternative treatment increases rapidly the popularity of Graviola. However, there is actually a closely related plant that has more healing properties than Graviola and this mountain graviola.

The mountain graviola, commonly known as mountain soursop, is the tree of the Annona family. Wood is a famous herb that is found in Central America and the Caribbean. It is very similar to Graviola, and the two plants are often misidentified. Although they look the same and come from the same family of plants, they differ from each other, as evidenced by their chemical compositions. Scientific names make a difference if they refer to both plants.

Annona montana or mountain graviola leaves are glossy and wider than Annona muritica or graviola. Additionally, montana wears fruit more quickly. These fruits have a fibrous pulp and are about 15 meters long. The fruits of Montana are denser than muritica.

Muritica, thanks to the acetogenic 82, has been shown to be an alternative therapeutic for cancer. Compared to the muracai, montana has many of these beneficial substances. The mountain graviol has 108 acetogens. Acetogenin annonacin is a major anticancer chemical found on both trees, but in larger quantities in montana.

Mountain Graviol has similar ATP inhibitory effects than muricata. It also helps to create the resilience of cancer and other fatal diseases that are most closely related to the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that mountain graviola more rapidly destroys cancer cells than that used in the chemotherapy of lung cancer, Andramycin. Patients with hepatic and ovarian cancer who took the herbs of Mount Graviol were also healed in one year. Of these, none of the recovered patients were reported to have recurrent cancer. It is said that mountain graviola is most effective in liver cancer and affects ATP nucleotides closest to the organ. Ovarian cancer is one of the highest mortality rates per year. Montana's acetogens are effective in detecting tumors and eliminating damaged cells before they can reach other organs. Combined extracts of muricata and montanta are often used by additional manufacturers for increased efficiency. Research has shown that the combination of these Annona plants is more effective in treating cancerous diseases than surgery and chemotherapy. They also do not represent side effects for the body. Using natural supplements and herbal medicines does not harm other organs than traditional cancer treatments. Even when combined with medication, Annona supplements are still safe. In fact, the combination of muritica and montana and the inhalation of antihypertensive drugs in animal subjects

However, remember that taking Annona supplements is not as effective as muritica and montana foods. The supplements have been mixed with other synthetic materials, thereby reducing the acetogenin content of the plants.

Mount Graviola is one of the best discoveries in the medical industry. With more than 100 useful acetogen it would be no wonder if this plant can cure more fatal illness outside the cancer.

Source by Brijesh Ghelani

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