Cinque Terre in the Rain – 10 Things

If you travel to the Cinque Terre for hiking, so many people do it, rain will put away your journey. Tracks may be piercing if they are damp and may be locked for safety reasons. But that does not mean that you still can not have a fabulous time in the Cinque Terre. Accept that hiking will be better next time and follow the suggestions below:

1. Spend more time in each village, take the train to each

2. Visit the local craftsmen's boutiques Such as jewelery and ceramics

3. Visit at least one wine cellar and wine tasting to expand your knowledge and experience on local wines

4. If you just fall, without thunder or lightning, you can still swim ! Just avoid the slippery rocks, so go to the beaches of Monterosso or Vernazza

5. There are many opportunities for a day trip, so you can spend more time in other cities than you would for example – Pisa or Lucca

6. Visit the Olive Oil Museum in Cinque Terre

7. Take part in the local villages between the villages on the bus, with different experiences for train, ferry or walking, giving a different picture of the landscape.

8. Play cards with locals for playing at home at home!

9. Make progressive food. There is an appetizer in a village, main course of the next and dessert in another. Or, if you like, stay in a village, but go to different restaurants during each course.

10. Enjoy the beauty of rain and storm, and the quieter, less hectic atmosphere.

So regardless of the weather, you can always enjoy the Cinque Terre! Fortunately, the best things are not affected by rain – beauty, food and people are always wonderful!

Source by Chris Wildgen

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