Causes of Everglades National Park Visit

When you think of the Everglades, wild alligators and huge mangroves can overwhelm your mind. Add huge snakes, shady pine forests, and bugs and estuary birds to the image, and you're not far from the truth. With over 1.5 million hectares of wetland and protected wildlife, this UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Biosphere Reserve are a true national treasure. Just one hour away from Miami Beach, the Everglades National Park can not be missed. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit: Alligators and Crocodiles

There was nothing to be excited about seeing them near the creatures and directly to the bright,. Although there are many other remarkable animals in the park, allgators and crocodiles are the main stars of the Everglades show. These reptiles are modern day dinosaurs, and there is no other place in the world where side-by side alligators and crocodiles can be seen in the same habitat. This park is their kingdom, and visitors should not be surprised to see that these creatures lie confidently on pedestrians. Do not forget to keep the distance and if everything else fails … RUN! By the end of the day, if you did not get the alligator experience, check out the restaurants around the park that offer you the opportunity to eat roast rodents. Mmm, flavors like …

Hiking and other activities In the park, visitors can enjoy a more active vacation than the beach. The most popular hike is the Anhingan Trail, a half mile long promenade that gives visitors the best chance to capture wildlife. Choose the best route for energy efficiency and make sure you have plenty of water, sun visors and explosives. In addition to hiking, you can ride, camp, kayak or fish in this clean park so choose your own adventure! One of the activities that one visitor should not miss is airship. These flat-bottomed boats pull the surface of the water with the giant aircraft-like propeller and engine. Airships are characteristic of the Everglades and the only way to take a look at the vast wetlands for most of the living animals and birds. The feeling of flying on a subtropical lawn makes the visitors a pleasing sight on the field.

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