Bike Review – Soma Juice 29 "Mountain Bike

Takes so much attention to the total suspension and carbon fiber that the steel structures are dead and I'm glad to tell them they're alive and the 29" After the explosion of wheeled bicycles, steel hardwood fell back. In Soma Juice, we have all the features we love with steel bikes. Hard, but smooth driving. It's fairly easy and gives you a quiet mood on the trail. Soma Juice is the bicycle of all trader tracks that is able to apply any personality you want.

The look is distinctive with the curved top tube that creates a unique profile and has a bunch of steps. With the rear entrance exits and the shock absorber, Juice can be built with a speed or gear, depending on the mood. Sufficient enough on the back of the tire to release a 2.3 "tire with a lot of mud.

I built a single speed at the time of Soma Juice's riding, and a road bike (8-hour solo) High strength with the usual 29 "wheel stability. The base of the short wheel and the rigid forks are for the saddle. In the technical field, the low bottom console is designed for occasional pedal strikes, but this is no worse than most bikes.

It's hard to quantify the differences as the biking usually feels but the Soma Juice Fun Bicycle Ride. I've been on the bike for the last 5 years, so this bike has a special place in my heart. The advantage of Juice for the 29 "wheel, the old school is made of good steel and the Bontrager charcoal forks, Chris King Wheels and On One Mary Bar built the full bike to reach 23 pounds

The Tange Prestige heat-treated twin tube product Juice creates balance between price, travel quality and weight, making it easier for Reynolds 853 or True Temper OX Platinum to make it lighter but to increase the price Drámaian, Soma from just one frame You can set up or get a full bicycle from your favorite store Soma Juice is the kind of bicycle that drives your heads but still works well on the trail Many of them are in the local group tournament or in the race so something unique can be without breaking the bank .

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