Bak and Essential Oils

Bak, zodiac sign 10 is about 20 to 20 December. Capricorn symbolized, Capricorn a Earth cardinal element, an ambitious, creative initiator,. Bows are traditional, brain-conscious, cautious, hard-working and reliable. Many seek Bakot for their friends or families because the Baks are the "rocks" to which they rely on during melancholy or stress. Most bucks need the purpose and direction of life. The dominant planet is Saturn's astrological structure, boundaries, time, caution, and wisdom.

It is the habit of the baccans that they require too much, and they need to ultimately exhaust their emotional, spiritual and physical energy. I know some bosses who are guilty, always worried about all forms of security: financial, emotional and physical, not just for themselves but for others. It can be tiring for anyone looking outside and not talking about goat.

Bakers are the ultimate goal-oriented target organizers as they are most happy with the structure. More often, if they reach the goal, they will be soldiers on higher and better ambitions. The power of Saturn helps Bak to preserve discipline and power to attain the goals set for them.

You'll find that Capricorn is very active on hiking, running, cycling … Or at least trying it. With all these movements, you may have a tendency to complain about joints and muscles, which can easily be remedied with essential oil mixtures.

The Bak ego is able to get stranger to others, as they think the best way, no matter what way! What you do not know is that they are often tough as perfecting ones who are never satisfied; The Cap must remember that they have an idiotic side that needs to be released once.

The essential aroma of Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) essential oil is sweet, heavy, deep and earthy. This oil is often used as a scent on fragrances. Vetiver is not only connected to the Bak and Saturn planes, but also to the root chakra, which is a good choice for Vetiver for those who are too ventilated and need ground. Usually called Tranquillus Oil, this essential oil is excellent for Capricorn who is physically, mentally and emotionally burnt out. This glutinous aromatic oil can mix deep spiritual secrets, soften these emotional disturbances, awaken the Bak to realize that they are not alone in the world. Vetiver oil has a person like Capricorn, so strong, full of wisdom, healthy self-esteem and integrity. Another great goal of Vetiver is to relieve muscle and joint discomfort, which is also beneficial for the active goat! Just mix 1 drop of Vetiver and 1 drop of pine shaving with a tablespoon of massage oil or body lotion and massage it to the muscle.

The high vibrational energy of Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus Lemon) increases the acidic mood in sunlight, Soaked with joy. Light, clean, fresh aroma is vibrant and arousing happiness arouse to the psyche. This scent of rising lemon gives clarity, awareness and direction to those who inhale the aroma. A wonderful aroma morning treatment to help you adjust the sound for the next day, just spill a few drops on the shower floor so steam boosts the aroma in the shower. Those exhausted Baks who are emotionally tense and lighten up, the aromatic happiness of lemon can ease the mood.

During the Capricorn saturated months, pine oil (Pinus sylvestris) is an excellent choice. Its clear, woody, leafy aroma, which resonates in December and January. Only a visible, noticeable, straight, structured tribe facing a pine tree, recalls the logical and practical Bakra. The aroma and personality of the pine offer encouragement, confidence, positive, patience and strength, helping target-oriented Bak with their task list.

Pine oil is also known to have a stimulating effect on blood circulation, helps fatigue and the Great Dislike. The essential oil is made from the distillation of Scotch pine needles, cones and branches. For cold sores, it is best to spread a few drops of diffuser in the diffuser, choosing a bit long.

This essential oil animates, awakens the soul, strength, confidence and direction within us. The pine fits well with the essential oil of lemon, which creates a pure and fresh refreshing, lifting aroma.

Fun fact: Elvis Presley is a Capricorn

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