Backpacking across Europe with Baby – Yes, it's Possible!

One bed and breakfast in Provence. Travel to Chunnel to England on a Europass. Alpine skiing in Switzerland with backpack. You and your partner have all these romantic ideas for a trip to Europe when you suddenly have a shocking baby between them! Time to give up the dream? Not at all. Take care of yourself baby!

Baby transfer is becoming more common and more acceptable and has comfortable backpacks to accommodate the baby's interior. Designed for active lifestyles and baby safety in the wild, on the campsite, and of course across Europe. When traveling to a family, big bonds and memories will be built up, and the little tycoon on the back will be a great ice breaker when you meet new people, no matter which country you go. There is no culture in the world who does not like babies! 19459004 I promised I would not work for the baby. Planning is essential. You have to think about what to do in an emergency, sickness, or simply cry. You will need self-sufficiency. A good plan is to make a list of what the baby needs and wrap it in an easy-to-access zipper bag in a fanny package. Try first the overweight medicines before the baby to find out how they will respond – this will not be a good experience if it has an opposite effect! Many necessary supplies, such as disposable diapers and child tylenols, are widely available in European cities.

Get some comfort, such as a large part of the machine. Some airlines offer nurseries or bassinet, and even baby food. The price of the ticket is also considerably reduced, although the baby will not get its seat. The ear pressure can get rid of the nursing, the dummy or the candy – anything that can be sucked.

Jetlag is more difficult in infants than in adults. They might knock for a couple of days by sudden abrupt sleep patterns that have not been fully developed. It is probably a good idea to stay in a hotel room when you arrive to return to the backpacker journey. If you are breast-feeding, your flight may dehydrate you.


When it comes to planning a route, it is best to have a few base houses and backpacks in Odalent. So you can have a variety of accessories in your room. Children should be provided with child restraint on arrival, such as masking tapes on electrical sockets, and conceal confusing items. If you are thinking of home and breakfast, make sure that you are pre-empted because many do not allow the children (not because they are heartless, but because they do not have care.) The hotel room is the best but many hostels family rooms. The internet is well suited for research purposes. Furthermore, if you only want to spend two nights in the city, most hotel offers childcare or information.

Pet Standards in Europe are not as stringent as in North America, so check out the baby bed provided by the hotel. If you have any doubt, baby sleep in bed with you. If there is a portable crib in the room, the bottom lattice chairs are to create a damn bed. Another option is that you can bring a portable crib like Graco Pack & # 39; n Go. Kids love security, and although they will love the constant change in the landscape, the infant does not. Knowing sleep in the same cradle will take a long way toward peaceful night sleep.


If the baby is still groomed, everything's fine. Breastfeeding in the public is acceptable in most European countries, especially towards the south, but check what is acceptable and what's wrong with you. In older babies, the high chair is uncommon, and the baby crying in the restaurant is not a good idea (just like in North America). If the infant is complicated, you may fall outside or order food and return it to your room. Make sure the food is not too exotic or the baby may cause a bad reaction.


Well, this is a backpacker trip, right? You will probably get a railroad ride between the cities. Infants under 3 years of age are free and older children are given low discounts. Eurail goes to all European capitals and usually to the city center. The trains are fast, smooth and clean, and the baby is likely to sleep, or older kids pierce through the window. The toddler with you is always an invitation and is likely to be socializing with other people.

If you're planning a "base station" method, it's easy to jump with any accessory to a Train, get off near the hotel, and store a lot of baby equipment in your room. Then go for the gallivanting, baby style, around the city.

Baby Carrier

Now that you have an idea of ​​how to travel the baby, you need a baby backpack! It can not be emphasized enough to pre-purchase the supplier and take it for testing. This is not only to make sure it feels comfortable, but the baby likes it too. Keep in mind that the baby seeks for safety and the more you travel to the same backpack, the more familiar and comfortable it will be.

Find a backpack with a hip strap, so a lot of strains are on your shoulders. Find the appropriate storage chambers for diaper and other baby equipment. Do not store any valuables in the package as thieves consider it an option. It is better for them to discover some disposable products like their passport!

There are a variety of backpacks for the most special purposes. The backpack of the frame is more massive, but it is more stable and it can store more storage. Some packs are on the baby's seat at the back, which provides better balance, but reduces airflow on the back. Find the Kelty, Ergo and Sherpani models. The detachable sun visor for protecting the baby is a good idea.

When you buy your backpack, make sure you match both partners. There are often times you want to switch: a person takes the baby and the other one carries her own kits. A larger, longer excursion between hotels and a smaller, less bulky daily package in the city. (Foldable and stored in larger media if not in use). Many people list the benefits of a stroller on a backpack, but if you go to Europe, you will know there are many narrow lanes, winding streets, numerous stairs, uneven cobwebs and roads that I suddenly go. Up or down – great for a romantic walk, not so great if you have a baby carriage! With a light daily carrier, both of your hands can remain free when viewing web sites

Share your baby and enjoy the journey

Your most affectionate and rewarding time. You and your partner will be even closer as everyone cares for your child while traveling. If your child is old enough, he might think of this exciting time in his life – he travels with his mom and dad in Paris!

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