ATV Trails at Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park

Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park is located in Alexander County, North Carolina. This park is friendly to ATV riders, motorcycle riders and UTV, and has been operating for many years. Most of the tracks were marked in a way that the riders are playing chicken, which is very nice. Motorcyclists looking for tight paths will certainly feel at home because they have many trails for them.

This park was chosen because rave evaluation was done on the internet and because we needed an honest foundation for the new Linhai-Yamaha 400 4×4 ATV. We quickly landed and went to the site to pay the prize and sign the exemptions for liability that I like to call papers "Not with our mistake to hurt or die". The server quickly visited the brand new Linhai Big Horn ATV and made sure we had all the necessary security gear like helmets, riding boots and gloves.

After a push of a button, the engine started with a buzzing crunch, and I pointed out the brand new ATV, an unprecedented mud before the mountain trail. The trail started with a few jumps and the moderate slope was fast, but there was enough to keep you from feeling threatened. The trails were still filled with large mud holes in the heavy rain in the spring rain, and the runners behind me agreed to make sure they were wearing as much as I could spray if they were too close to the ATV


Improved tracking, conditions changed quickly from Beginner to White and Orange DANGER marks in each round. With a combination of steep mountain climbing and very rocky terrains, a new test was carried out and I quickly switched on the four-wheel drive. It seemed to be quite up to the point until I could find a blind jump in which another rider trapped in the middle of the track. You have to understand that this stage was not a place to stop because of the incline and my Linhai ATV stopped once on the hillside, stopped and then started to roll on the hill, even though the brakes were full Applied. I jumped just before the time before I rolled from side to side and continued until a tree stopped 20 meters from the path. After a few hours we returned the path and cursed myself because it was too cheap for the winch. I was so excited when it was pulled by one of the buttons on the button and the only downside was that the left rear plastic fender was broken and the rear metal bracket was pretty bent.

When I got back at the Entrance, I broke the key and added part of my new ATV to the totem pole. That night I ordered a new mudguard and a winch, and I want to ride very quickly.

Source by Albree Steck

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