A foldable water bottle is the right choice for outdoor activities

Foldable water bottle is a handy, space-saving water tank that can be easily traveled and traveled. If not used, it will bend down to 20% of actual size and decrease. Folding bottles can be used to transport drinking water while traveling; Generally, they are made of non-toxic food grade materials such as polyethylene, plastic, silicon or PP. Perfect for camping, picnics, landscaping and hiking because it is easy to carry into the backpack. These bottles are available in different sizes; 480 ml is the usual, other size, large and small for different purposes.

The Environmentally Friendly and Clean Environment

The Benefits of Folding Water Bottle

• Better and cheaper than conventional bottles

• Washable and Lightweight Clean • 19459002

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% less than Conventional hard plastic bottles

• Removable, rechargeable and recyclable

• Comfortable Portable

• Very durable and durable. ]

• Easily fit into your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase.

Use of Foldable Water Bottle:

Liquid storage with high portability. Usually used:

• For general purpose water holder. Suitable for hikers, campers, kayakers, mountain climbers, long cyclists and backpackers.

• As part of the survival kit, part of the vehicle set and the backpacker's travel kit

. Excellent for gyms, schools, sports teams, boy shooters and girls guides.

• It can be used as a product offering for promotional purposes, as an ad (logo) and as a gift.

Some customer reviews

"We love portability and the fact that it can freeze which is perfect for traveling and cool in Summer and A truck that folds down from manufacturer to carrier can deliver a quantity of bottles like nine trucks bottled with rigid water, adding their ecological faith. "Yoyomama.ca

" This is perfect, I always need ice packs during the day and It does not have to worry about the sticky mystic sponge that is leaking from other ice packs and it's weightless and easy to pack when it's melted … Genius, thank you! "

Folding bottles are all cool: Cheaper , Lighter, bigger, healthier, and thus make obvious bottlenecks on every bottle ípusánál. It is probably invaluable that at least these are always at home!

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