8 The Winter Socks You Want

Colder days are approaching fast, and when it's time to walk through the snow on an open leg of a horse, a couple of excellent winter socks; Or maybe there may not be the fields on which it is going.

We recently discussed the possibilities of winter running socks, but we are now extending it and we are looking for eight solid choices that you can come up in the winter.

1. Wigwam Canada Crew Socks

Wigwam Canada Crew Socks find the thickest and warmest socks in Wigwam's arsenal. It's a sock that was not meant for athletes, but designed for the bitter cold days. Look at the Canadian crew when you need to go out and go out with a shovel or sledge for the kids. The enriched sole, the traditional toe closure, and the rest of the feet help make this sock one of the best options when snow begins to fall.

Bridgedale Endurance Trekker

The Bridgedale Endurance Trekker is a medium padding sock that warms like a heavy padded sock. Despite being designed for hikers to hike in cold places, they can sport Bridgedale for any cold-sided event. WoolFusion technology gives you warmth and high moisture capability. Get the heat without bulk.

3. Fox River Norwegian Crew Socks

Made of Ragg wool, Fox River Norwegian Crew Socks is warm and comfortable while providing you with performance and durability need. In September 2010, Norwegian staff appeared in GQ as a modern version of returning classic styles. Stay warm and stylish throughout the winter with Norwegian staff. You do not have to worry about shrinking, the nylon of the extensible nylon keeps its shape and wash after washing

4. Darn Hard Coolmax Hike-Trek Cushion sock

Darn Tough Coolmax Hike -Trek pillow socks provide a comfortable, medium padded socks with a lot of durability. Although designed for hiking, this is the individual favorite of socks, and it is my choice to wear the office or when I'm in the winter. These socks do not slip a bit, so you do not have to worry about pulling your socks when you're cold. Take the Darn Tough in Hard Winter

5. Feetures Pure Comfort Medium Pillow

Feetures is another brand, I find any excuse to hit my leg at any time . While Feetures Pure Comfort is designed to be a performance sock, they also wear a large sock around the house during the cold winter days. The soft cushioned senses of these socks forget everything from the awesome cold and bring comfort and warmth to your feet

. SmartWool Sock Only

SmartWool is around one of the most respected and popular socks brands and is right. Merino's wool comfort is outstanding, so it is difficult in winter to break SmartWool. I remember wearing a relatively light SmartWool sock while working while the car was still warm and my leg was probably the warmest part of the body. Now, if you get more athletic socks, yes, maybe this is not the best winter sock. However, due to its excellent moisture, temperature and odor control it is difficult to leave SmartWool socks when snow is snow. "

7. While the brand is not as recognizable as the others, Fits Rugged Hiker Crew Socks are just as warm and comfortable as the others. Made, but rugged hiking Crew, fits with Merino wool and fits like a gloves. Stay warm every winter with Fits

8. Under Wigwam 40

Wigwam 40 Below Socks is designed for cold, long-lasting colds, socks that you're looking for. Wigwam 40 Below is a great sock with full damping, Which keeps the warmest in the coldest conditions.The bottom 40s are perfect for those long and cold tours or when it's ridiculously cold

Of course there are many other opportunities for cold weather But the above eight socks Like the perfect choices this winter.

Source by Kevin MacDonald

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