4 Ways to Make Your Vagina Smell and Taste Better

Even if your vagina does not smell or taste bad, you still want to improve it. A good smell and vomiting vagina is more confident of sex, and feels healthier.

1. Appropriate hygiene

While the inside of the vagina usually keeps you clean, you can use a little help out there. Washes every day with a gentle, non-additive soap to keep your vagina with a fresh and pleasant smell.


Whether to shave hairy hair is a personal choice and you should not do it when you feel uncomfortable. However, if you do not mind the idea, note that if the hairs disappear, things like sweat and stray urine droplets will not trap you in the neighborhood. If you notice that your vagina feels bad smells, the coat may smell, not the vagina itself. Shaving improves the taste of your vagina, just as it improves the odor.

3. Flavored oils

There are flavored massage oils that can be used on the vagina to improve taste and smell. They are used only under sex, not during everyday activities. Yet, if you are trying to quickly improve taste and smell for an intimate moment, massage oils are a good choice. Make sure the type you are getting is specifically intended for sexual purposes and always first tests a small amount to know that your vagina is not very sensitive to the product.

Drinking water

Blueberries and pineapple juice have both been reported to improve the taste and smell of vaginal secretion. Cranberries naturally struggle against unhealthy bacteria in the urinary tract, helping to improve urine smell. Even if you drink one glass of such juices once a day, you can still see the changes. The pineapple juice trick works well with men, so if you live with your partner, consider trying it out with you.

If you experience persistent bad vaginal scars, you are suffering from some infection, so check with your doctor if these natural tips do not improve your condition.

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