2006 Giant Hymn 2 Mountain Bike Review

I bought a used bicycle towards the end of summer 2008. The bicycle chosen was a huge hymn of 2006 and I went as often as I could before I started snowing. Now that it comes in the spring, I thought it would be a good time to look at the ancestral anthem for anyone who might be in a very well-used mountain bike market.

I was in a new bicycle market. After riding my friends with a cheap, hard tail bicycle, I realized I needed a better bike to keep up with them. I also planned to plan mountain biking, but I did not want to use the old bicycle because I was worried about breaking the cheap parts on the bicycle.

I've taken Craigslist to buy a bicycle on Craigslist) for a better mountain bicycle and one day I noticed someone sold the 2006 giant hymn. 2. Before I even called the seller, I searched. Both online and local bicycle shops. In 2006, the anthem 2 mountain bikes were the second to the top of the Mountain Bike for Giant line and in 2009 Anthem Frame was still Giant's peak on Mountain Bike. The bicycle was in perfect condition and it seemed to be hardly used. In 2006, MSRP was about $ 2,300 due to the high end components of bicycles. And that's why it is much easier than the other bike and about 26 pounds (which is easy for a mountain bike). This bike is lighter than the hardwood of many of my friends. I think this is true – I have the pay.

The only thing I've changed on a bicycle is that seat. The bicycle came with cheap pairs of pedals (higher-end bikes are usually not equipped with pedals) so I added a few clips. I also set up a Specialized Elite Bicycle Computer. And when the sun goes down, I plug lanterns to see where I'm going and other people can see me.

I have to tell you I really like this bike and I'm very happy about this bike with the bicycle performance. I would highly recommend this bicycle to anyone who is serious about mountain biking. The bicycle is light and performs well on asphalted tracks and on road mountain bikes. The suspension attaches very well, and the suspension is both front and rear, and is still locked.

The bike frame is aluminum, not carbon fiber. It does not seem to affect the performance of this bicycle, but I have never looked for a carbon fiber bicycle. I would also tell that I'm not a professional Mountain Biker, so I have nothing to compare this bike with my cheap hard dick. But I've been cycling seriously since 2007 so I'm not a rookie. I did not feel that the aluminum frame was a disadvantage to this bicycle, but I thought that you only need to point out if your heart is set to a carbon fiber bicycle.

At least one mountain bike race this summer. Plus, there are many mountain biking trails in my area, so check out more updates on this bicycle and mountain biking trails in Twin Cities.

Source by Dennis Gertgen

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