20 sad facts about the mountain Kilimanjaro

1. A German missionary named Johannes Rebmann was discovered in Kilimanjaro Mountain in 1848 when he revealed the lower bounds and sent the findings of the royal geographic society, including a snow-capped tip . Experts at that time may doubt the true potential of snow-capped mountains near the equator.

In 1889, the first successful summit took place and about six weeks passed today, when an average climber is able to do this in five or six days

. Many of the camps on the mountain are commercially available

4. The mountain extends 5,895 meters to the sky, making it the highest freestanding mountain in the world and at the same time the highest point in Africa.

Snow cover shrinks rapidly. Compared with 1912, more than 80% of the mass was lost due primarily to climate change (global warming). By 2020, it is estimated that they will be completely gone.

6. On June 29, 2009, eight blindfolders were on the top of the mountain and fought to collect money for their 52 blind children in Arizona

. The mountain is wheelchair crawled by South Africa's Bernard Goosen. He did it twice; First in 2003 and nine days, and in 2007 the second time it lasted only six days.

8. The author of the legendary Hitchhikers Guide to the famous humorist Douglas Adams ran into a rhinoceros-dressed mountain.

9. The mountain is actually a huge volcanic layer caused by repeated lava flows. There are three volcanic cones, two extinct, while the third one, Kibo, is the highest point on the mountain, and is in sleeping state

. Justin Timberlake, Kenna and Lupe Fiasco plan to climb the mountain to raise awareness of the world water crisis.

11. There are six different ecosystems on the mountain: cultivated areas, rainforest, warm, mud, alpine desert and the Arctic summit

. On the lower border, coffee is grown and are considered as important exports

. The famous writer of Ernest Hemingway wrote a short story where the beauty of the mountain was occupied on the corridor in which he wrote the mountain: "… as wide as the world, high, high and incredibly white on the sun" – Kilimanjaro's gorge.

14. Most of the ports are rented by villages near the mountains, earning between $ 3 and $ 6 a day (without tips), they carry almost every baggage

15. More than 20,000 A man is trying to rise on Mount Kilimanjaro.

16. Climbers can pick up the mountain with one of the six planned routes, the Marangu Route being the most popular.

17. Almost 10 people die every year trying to climb the mountain

18. From the first successful Summit he lived a portrait to see the 100th celebration. Then she was 118 years old.

19. The eldest man who successfully climbed the mountain was Daniel Valtee, 87 years old.

20. It is estimated that every 1000 tons of water that is condensing on the mountain 400 comes directly from the ice caps

Source by Adrian Padeanu

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